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€75 with coupon for JIMMY JV12 Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner 400W Strong Power Ultrasound UV-C Sterilization 220mm Widened Suction Port with Patented Composite Brush Roll Dual Cyclone & MIF Filter 0.4L Dust Cup from EU PL warehouse GEEKBUYING

JIMMY JV12 Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner

JIMMY JV12 Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner
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€75 €129
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400W Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner

400W motor provides enough suction to vacuum dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollens, and other allergens deep from bedding, mattress, furniture, curtains, upholstery, and other fabric surfaces. 

These particles are the allergen source that triggers off dermatitis, asthma, allergic rhinitis, etc.

Patented Composite Brush Roll

Composite rubber strip + hair bristles brush roll vibrates at 20840 times per minute to loosen fine dust mites from the deep surface of the mattress without disrupting the fabric.

Ultrasound & UV Light

Ultrasound can destroy the nerves of the mites to prevent the growth of the mites. 

JIMMY JV12 anti-mite vacuum cleaner delivers 253nm ultraviolet to destroy mite cells, killing 99.99% of mites and bacteria.

Dual Cyclone Filtration System & MIF Filter

Patented dual cyclone filtration technology will separate dust mites and dust from the air to prevent clogging the dust cup. 

MIF filter helps to eliminate tiny particles in the air.

Additional Features

Additional features include a 220mm wide suction port, whisper-quiet motor, one-key detaching, washable dust cup, and MIF filter.

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