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FAFREES F20 Electric Bike

FAFREES F20 Electric Bike
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€849 €1099
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1.Ultra-long Battery Range: Comes with advanced 36V 15AH lithium-ion battery, fully charge in just 5 to 6 hours, Max range for pure power up to 55km-65km, and the max speed up to 25km/h. The battery is removable, which means it can be charged whether on or off the frame.

2.7 Speed Gears: F20 owns a 7-speed professional transmission system, the rust-resistant coated derailleur is attached to frame, and grip shifter is integrated into the handlebar. The smooth 7-gear set enables you to shift on the go with ease and pedaling more comfortably on any terrain like hills, bumpy and gradient roads.

3. 3 Riding Modes: 250W Motor ensures F20 riding power. You’ll get a stable and comfortable riding experience with its 3 riding modes: power mode, bicycle mode, and moped mode, adding a burst of speed with the throttle just depends on you!

4. 20″*3.0 Wheels With Anti-slip Tire: 20″ wheels make F20 become a perfect, efficient and economical transportation to work, school, or around town. Combine with anti-slip wear resistant tire and durable mudguards, it can easily conquer gutters, potholes, and whatever else roads of the urban environment.

5. Mechanical disc brakes and The brilliant bright LED headlamp is equipped for night riding. Protecting your riding safety from all aspects!

FAFREES F20 Electric Bike 20 Inch 250W Motor 36V 15Ah Lithium-ion Battery SHIMANO 7 Speed IP54 Waterproof - Red
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