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€953 with coupon for HIMO Z20 Max Electric Bicycle 250W Motor Up to 25Km/h 20 Inches with Pedal Throttle and E-assist Mode All-weather Tires from EU warehouse GEEKBUYING

HIMO Z20 Max Electric Bicycle

HIMO Z20 Max Electric Bicycle
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€953 €1499
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CE certification from SGS professional lab, to ensure safe and cozy riding

Professional CE certificate issued by SGS lab

Electric scooter professional standard EN17128: 2020

Details upgrade

With intelligent control system, strong drive, long battery life

Intelligent vector control system, efficient, sensitive and precise control

High-efficiency motor, matched with Shimano 6-speed transmission system, strong power

New energy battery + intelligent control system, long battery life

High-definition LCD instrument, two riding modes

Super strong configuration, comfortable riding on all road conditions

Folds in three seconds ,easy storage

Saddle tube cleverly designed portable pump

Dual disc brake system and CST tires, stable braking, excellent performance

BMS Intelligent Battery Management System

Easy Riding:

Three foldable

3 riding modes

High-definition LCD display

Built-in pump

Excellent Performance:

Intelligent vector control system

Shimano 6-speed transmission system

Pull-out battery design

IP7X waterproof

System Security:

Double disc brake system

Intelligent power system

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