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Z8 ELectric Bike 20*4.0” Fat Tire 48V 500W Motor 15Ah Battery 45km/h Max Speed 7-Speed Shimano Derailleur

Z8 ELectric Bike
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€909 €1399

1. The appearance of the cross-country motorcycle style design, improves the structure robustness and durability and product identification. 

2. Adopt all-terrain ultra-large 10CM snow desert high-speed authentic sunrise tires, explosion-proof, anti-skid, and durable, and ride parts adopt Shimano products recognized worldwide. 

3. Equipped with 48V 500W motor and 15Ah battery, Z8 electric bicycle offers 40-60km by throttle, and 80-120km by power assist mode, with the maximum speed up to 45km/h.

4. This electric bicycle belongs to the blue ocean incremental products, high-speed growth period, short distance mobility series essential products. 

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