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BLUETTI EB120 Portable Power Station

BLUETTI EB120 Portable Power Station
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[1200Wh Portable Generator] With a massive capacity of 1200Wh and 1000W inverter, EB120 is specially designed for high-power devices such as drill, hairdryer, and it is an ideal choice to meet your basic needs for camping or on the road, while the built-in top-brand lithium polymer battery cell ensures you higher safety & quality.

[Solar Generator for Outdoor] With a wide solar charging range of 16-60V(OCV), you can connect multi solar panels in series to provide Max.500W solar energy, and the pre-installed MPPT controller enables the recharging speed 40% faster. Making use of sun, recharing way in green, easy and convenient. We recommend BLUETTI SP120 (120W) or BLUETTI SP200 (200W) solar panel.

[Multiple Ports for Any Needs] EB120 features 2 x 110V AC outlets for most appliances under 1000W, while this Pure Sine Wave inverter can protect sensitive devices like laptops by producing clean & stable electricity. 1 x regulated DC12V for car devices, 1 x 45W Type-C for fast charging, and 4 x USB-A for phones, tablets, and more.

[Three Recharging ways] Advanced MPPT technology ensures EB120 a higher PV recharging rates. With a max input power of 500W, it can be fully recharged by solar panels within 3-3.5 hours. (OCV 16V-60V, solar panel not included) It can also get fully recharged from an AC wall outlet in 6.5-7 hrs (200W adapter included).

[What You Can Get] BLUETTI offers you 24 months of product guarantee and high-quality customer service. Inside the box: 1 * BLUETTI EB120 1200Wh Portable Power Station, 1 * AC Adapter & Charging Cable (200W), 1 * Solar Charging Cable (DC7909 to MC4), 1 * User Manual.

BLUETTI EB120 Portable Power Station, Power Indoor,Power Outdoor.

BLUETTI EB120 is specially designed for high-power devices such as drill, hairdryer, and it is an ideal choice to meet your basic needs for camping or on the road, while the built-in top-brand lithium polymer battery cell ensures you higher safety & quality.Unlike other small capacity power station, it has broader capacity 1200wh and can charge higher power device like electric drill, hair dryer, blender (make sure the max. of your device is no more than 1000W). once fully recharged the power station EB120, the huge capacity 1200Wh ensure your device have a much longer charging time, no need to recharge it time and time again

BLUETTI EB120 Portable Power Station

Capacity: 1200Wh/1000W

Load: Continuous 1000W([email protected],Above 1200W,turn off)

Multi-Outputs for Various Power Needs: 2* 110V AC Outlets(Pure sine wave), 12V/9A Car port,1* PD 45W USB-C and 4*5V/3A USB

Regulated DC12V,Care for Car-powered Devices.

Solar Input: Max.500W, OCV 16-60V,Current Max.10A, MPPT

8 Devices Powered Simultaneouly

Multiple Outputs for Different Devices

With 2x(Pure Sine Wave),2x 12V/3A, 12V Car Port, 1x QC3.0 USB(Max.18W),1x PD2.0 USB-C(Max.40W),1x 5V/2.4A USB,the EB120 can power up to 8 devices simultaneously.

AC Inverter: Max.1000W(continuous),load 1000w~1200W last for 2mins. such as:

Mini Fridge

Air Mattress

Ice Shaver


Electric Cooker

Electric grill

Three Recharge ways

· AC Adapter (200W Charger Included): About 6.5-7Hrs

· Solar Panel (Not included): Solar input up to 500W/OCV 16-60v, eg: 6-7Hrs( via 2pcs BLUETTI SP120 120W);4-5Hrs( via 2pcs BLUETTI SP200 200W,solar panel sold separately)

· Generator:About 7Hrs

· Tips:Built in MPPT,no need other controller.

· The solar charging efficiency is much higher with MPPT built in. it can track the strength of the sunlight and adapt to the best charging mode.

1200Wh / MAX.1000W


Powerful and All-in-One Backup Battery for Outdoor

Massive and long-lasting Power

Silent Emergency Solar Generator

High Safety Longer Life Time

What You Can Get

· 1* EB120 Portable solar power generator

· 1* AC wall charger (200W ac adapter charger)

· 1* PV solar charging cable

· 1* User manual

Off-grid Power Backup for Outdoors

Never Worry out of Power for Outdoor Activities. Stay Charged While On the go with BLUETTI portable power station EB120 solar generator.

Intelligent Cooling Fan

LCD display shows the remaining power and battery status timely. Backlight enables easy reading under the sun and will not disturb you during sleeping.

Massive and Long-lasting Power

With such a high capacity, you’ll be able to charge multiple devices under 1000W, for example keep some indoor home appliances powered in case power breakout such as a microwave or mini-fridge(below 1000W) without any trouble. it is also a perfect emergency battery backup for outdoors such as some van lifer, camper, will never worry about power outage or far away from a wall outlet.

Auto-level Battery Cell, 2500+ Life Cycle

We use the top brand lithium ion battery cell, it has longer life time(over 2500+), and higher discharge rate, better heat dissipation.

We built in BMS(battery management system), it has over-load/ over-current/ over-temperature/ over voltage/ low-voltage/short circuit protection

Strict QC control and top Components ensure the quality and safety.

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