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ENGWE E26 Step-thru Electric Bike, 48V 16AH Battery 250W Motor Mountain Bike Shimano 7-Speed Gear 140km Max Range 25km/h Max Speed 26*4.0 inch Fat Tire 150kg Load Hydraulic Disc Brake

ENGWE E26 Step-thru Electric Bike
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€1299 €1599


1. ENGWE E26 ST Electric Bike with 250W powerful powerful hub-motor with 70Nm torque, which can provide 45km/h max speed (in assist mode).
2. The 48V 16Ah lithium battery offers your 140Km of assisted range per charge, let you enjoy a longer outdoor riding experience.
3. The front end is mechanically shock-absorbed, and the rear end is designed with a shock-absorbing saddle tube for premium shock absorption.
4. Gearing is provided by SHIMANO derailleur which delivers reliable and accurate gear shifting.
5. Adopts excellent aluminum frame, high toughness, and strong corrosion resistance, suited to both urban and trail environments.

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