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ENGWE X26 Electric Bike 26*4.0 Inch Fat Tires 50Km/h Max Speed 48V 1000W Motor 19Ah & 7.5Ah Dual Batteries for 93KM Range 150KG Max Load Triple Suspension System Shimano 8-Speed Gear Dual Hydraulic Disc Brake for All-Terrain Roads Mountain E-Bike

ENGWE X26 Electric Bike
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€2199 €2599

A Performance Beast That Conquers All Terrain
With 1000W max power, dual batteries, triple suspension and motorcycle level fat tires, you can conquer all terrains with ENGWE X26. Hydraulic disc brakes and 8-speed Shimano gears also offer you a safer and more comfortable ride. Making it easy to cover both city commuting and off-road riding.
1000W Max Power & Twice the Top Speed
There is no limits to off-road travel with the powerful motor of ENGWE X26, and the amazing hill-climbing capability offers you a smoother and floating riding experience.
Range Up to 57.7 Miles & Double the Run Time
The dual battery system of ENGWE X26 can help you travel for 57.7 miles range on a single charge. That’s enough juice to take you from town to town!
Triple Suspension System
The unique triple suspension system ensures you a more comfortable experience of riding, and the bumps you feel are greatly reduced. You can pass railroad tracks, mountains, lawns, gravel roads, and, of course, urban roads easily.
26*4.0 inch Fat Tires
The motorcycle-level fat tires offer maximum contact for optimal traction, stability and slip resistance. Keeping you safe and steady in sandy, muddy terrains or even snowy weather. And it also allows you to enjoy your beach time.
8 Speed Shimano Gear
With Shimano 8 speed gears, the Engwe X26 can use less effort when going uphill and avoid the danger of driving too fast when going downhill, flexibly adjust the vehicle’s speed or respond to different road conditions.

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