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Flashfish UA550 Power Station + SP 18V Solar Panel

flashfish UA550 Power Station + SP 18V Solar Panel
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Power Station
550Wh Outdoor Battery Power
Featured with a 550Wh large capacity and weight of only 15lbs, Flashfish UA550 can be simply plugged in and switched on to charge your smartphone, laptop, camera, etc.

Multiple Outputs
It features 1200W pure sine wave AC output, 12V DC output, car port, Type-C(PD) and QC 3.0 port, etc. So that it can provide secure power to CPAP(40W), electric blanket(260W), mini refrigerator (65W), and blender(300w), despite the hurricane, floods, blackouts, or other power outages. 

3 Ways to Recharge & Solar Quick Charging Technology
You can use an 18V/100W solar panel to recharge it during your road trip, RV camping, or in any off-grid spots that have sunlight. Pre-install MPPT optimization module delivers maximum solar charging efficiency, making it recharge 30% faster than a traditional power station. Also, it can be recharged with a wall charger and a car charger.

12V DC Regulated Voltage & 220V 50/60Hz Smart Frequency
The first power station with a switchable frequency system in the world. Flashfish UA550 will automatically adjust the frequency according to different regions. Advanced voltage stabilizing technology keeps your appliances charging safely and smoothly.

BMS & Intelligent Temperature Control
Equipped with a battery management system protecting the Flashfish UA550 from short circuits, overload, overheating,over-current, and overcharge. The built-in radiator, IC chip control, silent cooling fan, and heat dissipation featured pure aluminum shell will prolong battery service life and improve battery performance to a great extent. 

Solar Panel
Design for Most Solar Generators
SP 100W foldable solar panel features a DC adapter with round plug 5.5×2.1mm and extra connectors (8mm / 5.5×2.5mm / 3.5×1.35mm / 6.3×3.0mm), which is suitable for most solar generators.

High Conversion Efficiency Solar Panel
Constructed from high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, with efficiencies of up to 21.5%-23.5%, compared with conventional panels, this solar panel converts more sunlight into energy at the same time.

Double USB Outputs Solar Charger
Equipped with 2 x USB (5V,2.1A max) output ports, it is ready for charging your smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and more.

Portable & Foldable
100W SP solar panel has a foldable design with a handle, a folded size of 20.07*20.47 inches, and weighs in at only 4.62lbs, making it convenient to carry wherever you go. Ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, hiking, and picnic.

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