Huawei Honor Note 10, A Flagship Collector Poster Released

Seems, Huawei has run out of stocks all of its flagship models for this year. But’s it still mid-year. So there is every reason to think the manufacturer will come in with something new. On July 4, Zhao Ming, president of Honor, said on Weibo that they are going to launch a new flagship model in face of the Honor Note 10. He also added they have been preparing this smartphone for two years. As for today, the first official poster of the upcoming Honor phone release.

Honor Note 10

Many have been waiting for the Honor Note 9. But seems the company skips it, directly launching the Honor Note 10. This has been confirmed via the poster – ‘No need to wait for 9, the 10 is here. The flagship of the year is the Honor Note 10. See you in Beijing!’

Previously, it’s been known Honor will hold a conference in Beijing to launch the mentioned model. Though it’s been rumored the selling point of this handset will be the deep AI integration, this time, the company says there will be another scary technology but the GPU Turbo.

The manufacturer didn’t disclose a specific launch date of the Honor Note 10, but as it started releasing pre-heating posters, there is every reason to think it is just around the corner. Probably, we’ll see the phone uncovered in mid-to-late-July.

At last, as for specs, the Honor Note 10 will be a high-end device, packing a 6.9-inch AMOLED display, a Kirin 970 SoC, a 6GB of RAM, a 128GB of internal storage, a 6,000mAh battery, an AI-powered 16-megapixel twin rear camera, and many more.

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