Huawei Sound X Smart Speaker Officially Released

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Yesterday, in Shanghai, Huawei held a new product launch conference. At the event, Huawei’s Chief Consumer Business Officer, Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong officially unveiled the Huawei Sound X Smart Speaker co-designed by Huawei and Devialet.

The speaker uses a cylindrical shape, similar to Apple’s HomePod. The design of this speaker is inspired by the dome of the Vienna Music Hall. The Huawei Sound X measures 165mm in width, 203mm in height and weighs 3.5kg.
This smart speaker is equipped with a quad-core processor, 512MB RAM, and 8GB internal storage. It comes with an inbuilt directional anti-noise microphone, a physical key to mute, a multi-function and volume control as well as a smart assistant.

The speaker is also powered by 60W dual subwoofers.  It uses high-magnetic neodymium-iron-boron rare earth materials, Di Varese’s patented Push-Push symmetrical acoustic design and SAM bass amplification technology capable of providing bass up to 2 bits. Moreover, the Huawei Sound X features a Hi-Res certified speaker, which delivers 360-degree surround sound and intelligent perception.

Our protagonist is also packed with a touch-tone transmission technology, which can play music when the phone touches the speaker.  When there is an incoming call, the speaker music is automatically paused, and there are convenient functions such as a “cancel” sound.

This speaker supports two major music platforms. It supports Huawei music that brings 2 million Hi-Res songs.

The new Huawei speaker is priced at 1999 yuan ($ 284).

Huawei Sound X

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