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iLife X5 review – The best (but cheap) robotic vacuum cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners have been available for a while on the market. Here surely most people think of iRobot, which are also the market leader, and rightly so.

Now I stumbled at the various shops on China Suction robot of iLife. This cost only a fraction of an iRobot model, but will also offer a similar performance.

Here I particularly iLife X5 has fallen into the eye. This addition to the traditional vacuuming offers the possibility wet wipe.


The iLife X5 comes in a large brown box. Inside you will find a very wide range of accessories.

  • Docking station
  • PSU
  • Spare “broom”
  • replacement filters
  • Two cloths
  • Two “tanks” (even for dry vacuuming, even for wet wiping)
  • a remote control
  • an infrared barrier
  • 2x AA and 2x AAA batteries

ILife X5 Suction robot in test

Visually the iLife X5 similar despite its low price, the other “big” models on the market. Even the iLife X5 has a round shape with a bumper on the front and two “brushes”.

ILife X5 has no rotating brush but only an “induction nozzle” and a cleaning cloth under. To compensate a little has the X5 a rubber lip to pick which animal hair, in as far as the helps that later.

The receptacle for dirt and water is accessible by the top. Also on the top there are four buttons for controlling the robot.


Let’s start with the intelligence. There are many cheap Suction robot which are not intelligent and easily change direction when you push against something.

There are super-intelligent devices which measure the room using cameras and targeted then clean. ILife X5 is a kind of intermediate thing. The Suction robot has sensors on its front, he’s not stumble against anything special usually stops shortly before. This works with walls and furniture quite well, with table legs usually rather less. Basically, the vacuum cleaning robot moves randomly, traveling zigzags across the room.

This works quite well in practice, also the iLife X5 can escape from most situations again themselves. I am quite satisfied with the Logic of iLife X5 and will be a big help for house cleaning.

A “virtual wall” is provided to avoid certain area of the house.


ILife X5 has no rotating brush but this is compared to other models at all a disadvantage?

On smooth surfaces he X5 scores with a very good cleaning performance.Whether dust or cat litter are not a problem! iLife appears to have a relatively strong motor.

On carpets the robot has some difficulties but provides significantly better results than I expected. However, the iLife requires X5 often several “rounds” on the carpet before hair is actually removed.

A point in favor iLife X5 is sure the endurance, because the battery life (2600mAh) of the X5 is about 1-1.5 hours which is very good.

Also, the X5 is very quiet (under 40dB). Of course, this also produced some “noise” but it is much quieter and more pleasant than others robots. This because the missing of don’t have rapidly rotating brush, which produces lot of noise.

The box contains 2 bins, each with a capacity of 10 oz. One can be used for vacuuming (it holds the HEPA filter), and the other can be filled with water, for the wet mopping feature that works better than I expect.

_dsc7452Conclusion for iLife X5 vacuum robot

A robot cleaner will not completely replace your vacuum cleaner or your mop, but it takes a great deal of pain out of daily flick overs. The iLife X5 does a good job of vacuuming and mopping flat surfaces, but performs less well on carpeted or uneven floors. It’s incredibly easy to set up and great value.

For around $119 you can not really complain! The robot has a good suction and amazingly high intelligence.

ILIFE X5 Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - TYRANT GOLD
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$119.99 $139.99
iLife X5 review – The best (but cheap) robotic vacuum cleaner


8 Total Score

  • Good battery
  • Decent suction
  • Improved navigation
  • HEPA filtration
  • 2-in-1 vacuum and mop
  • Awesome price/quality ratio
  • Works well only on bare floors and low-pile carpet
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