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€259 with coupon for IMILAB V1 robot vacuum cleaner smart dust collection mop cleaner disinfection LDS laser navigation mijia control virtual wall from EU warehouse GSHOPPER

IMILAB V1 robot vacuum cleaner is the first vacuum cleaner release by the IMILAB (Xiaomi sub brand).IMILAB V1 Smart robot vacuum cleaner is an intelligent 3-in-1 vacuum robot featuring innovative Vacuum, Sweep &  Mop modes. Plus the intelligent LDS navigation, 2700p strong pressure, Automatic Dirt Collection, and AI Mapping System, IMlLAB V1 makes home cleaning smarter and easier than ever!

IMILAB V1 robot vacuum cleaner
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€259 €399

Core Features

Automatic Dirt Collection        Carpet Mode        3in 1 Vacuum,Dweep and Mop        Accurat LDS navigation
Powerful Suction 2700pa     4 Hours Runtiome       Customized cleaning zone             Multi Floor Mapping

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