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KINGROON KP5L 3D Printer, Titan Extruder, Dual-axis Linear Guide Rails, TMC2225 32-bit Silent Mainboard, Easy Assembly, Filament Detection Sensor, 300x300x330mm

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€269 €399

300x300x330mm Printing Size
This 3D printer has 300x300x330mm large printing space, which enables you to print out every detail, making creativity tangible.
Easy Assembly for Beginners
Comes with almost entirely preassembled, it is very easy to set up and saves your time and energy.
This 3D printer is a wonderful gift for beginners, allowing them to learn how to build their confidence in DIY machines.
Premium Short-range Titan Extruder
Compared with other extruders, Titan extruder is more forceful during the feeding process, more effectively improving the printing effects.
32bit Silent Mainboard
The integration of TMC2225 silent driver makes the motherboard have both silent printing and precise voltage output control, which ensures a more accurate and silent printing.
Carbon-crystalline Silicon Glass Plate
KINGROON KP5L uses a carbon-crystalline silicon glass plate that has a microporous structure, which not only makes the model easier to disassemble but also makes the hotbed flatter, providing a better printing effect.
Dual-axis Linear Guide Structure
It is designed with double-axis SGR15 linear rails for the X / Y / Z axis, and the dual Z-axis motors are on both Z-axis lead screws, which provide more stable movement and higher print accuracy.
Filament Detection Sensor
Intelligent alarm reminder for material shortage and material interruption.

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