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KuKirin G1 Pro Folding Electric Scooter, 10-inch Pneumatic Tire, 2*800W Motor, 48V 20.8Ah Battery, 55km Max Speed, 70km Range, Disc Brake, 13 lights Ambient Lights

KuKirin G1 Pro Folding Electric Scooter
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€749 €1399

High-capacity Lithium Battery

KuKirin G1 Pro uses a 960Wh large-capacity high-quality lithium battery to provide longer driving range, long life, fast charging, high safety, and a more durable and stable use experience.

Dual Drive Motor

KuKirin G1 Pro uses front and rear 800W dual-drive motors, which not only provide strong power and stable driving performance. In addition, it also has electronic braking and power distribution adjustment systems, making driving safer and more convenient.

Wide Pedals, Long Body

The wide pedal design allows the rider’s feet to relax and reduces leg fatigue caused by long-term riding. At the same time, the long body design also provides more space for cyclists, making riding more comfortable.

Built-in Display

KuKirin G1 Pro uses a built-in display, which not only hides the wiring inside the vehicle, but also reduces the confusion and exposure of external wiring, making the vehicle look neater and more high-end.

Front & Rear Double Disc Brakes

KuKirin G1 Pro uses front and rear dual disc brakes, which have good ventilation and heat dissipation and stronger braking performance. Even when facing high-speed driving in complex off-road environments, it can brake easily, giving you the confidence to stop whenever you want.

Ambient Lighting Design

The cool ambient lights not only change colors as the vehicle starts, increasing the driving fun and playability of young and fashionable user groups, but also make the vehicle more attractive when driving at night. It attracts people’s attention and ensures the safety of driving at night.

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