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KuKirin G4 Max Off-road Electric Scooter, 2*1600W Brushless Motor, 12-inch Tires, 60V 35.2Ah Removable Battery, 95km Max Range, 86km/h Max Speed, Front & Rear Piston Oil Brake, IP54 Waterproof, 38-degree climb 8 Light system

KuKirin G4 Max Off-road Electric Scooter
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€2219 €3300

1600W*2 High-Performance Dual-drive Motor

Kukirin G4 MAX is equipped with 60V/1600W*2 motors, it can provide powerful power and torque, making acceleration and climbing easier. The maximum speed can reach 86km/h, which makes it a very fast and exciting electric scooter.

Removable Lithium Battery

The 60V/35.2Ah lithium battery has a range of 95km, which can meet the traveling needs of most people. The removable lithium battery design makes it easy to remove and install the battery, making it convenient for users to charge or replace the battery at any time.

Multifunctional Intelligent Display

The multi-functional intelligent display integrates multiple functions, including speed display, battery indicator, fault diagnosis, mileage recording, etc. Supports a variety of personalized settings, such as backlight brightness adjustment, startup mode adjustment, etc., to meet the usage habits and needs of different drivers.

Front & Rear Four-piston Oil Brakes 

The front and rear four-piston oil brakes realize braking through the principle of hydraulic pressure. They have the characteristics of stable braking performance, fast response speed, good heat dissipation performance and short braking distance. They can effectively cope with emergency braking situations at high speeds and provide drivers with Provides safer driving guarantee.

Fast Charging

The dual charging port design allows drivers to charge the battery with two chargers at the same time, saving charging time and improving charging efficiency and convenience.

Cool Lighting System

High-brightness LED headlights, taillights, and turn signals combined with cool ambient lights not only provide good lighting, but also ensure driving safety.

Front & Rear Dual Hydraulic Damping Shock Absorption

The front and rear hydraulic damping and shock-absorbing systems can better cope with bumps and uneven road surfaces, reducing the impact on the driver and providing a smoother and more natural driving experience.

12-inch Off-road Pneumatic Tire

12-inch ultra-wide off-road pneumatic tires have wider treads and off-road tread patterns, which can provide better grip and traction, shock absorption and buffering effects, absorb vibrations caused by uneven road surfaces, and improve driving comfort.

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