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KuKirin G4 Off-Road Electric Scooter with 2000W Motor, 60V 20Ah Battery, 75km Top Range, 70km/h Max Speed, 11 Inch Vacuum Tires, Turn Signal

KuKirin G4 Off-Road Electric Scooter
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€824 €1299

High-performance Off-road Version

KuKirin G4 stud adopts hollow shape design, which retaining the original section division,  compact and simple bodycompact,showing speed and strength. It pursues high appearance while achieving better wind breaking results, pushing the speed and power aesthetics of high-power electric scooters to a new level.

11 Inch Widened Vacuum Tire

KuKirin G4 Uses 11 Inch vacuum rubber tires. The ultra-wide tire design makes it easy to ride on the beach, snow, or mountainous woodland.

Super Large Power Hub Motor

KuKirin G4 uses a 2000Wh ultra-high power integrated wheel hub motor with a maximum speed of up to 70 km/h. The motor uses a double cooling structure to maintain performance for a longer period of time. 

Large Capacity Power Lithium Battery

20Ah/1200Wh high-capacity high-performance,high-quality lithium with a maximum battery life of 75KM.While continuously outputting high rate current, it can also provide you with an ultra-long battery life guarantee.

Cool  Light System

KuKirin G4 uses six LED lights for the convenience of night travel.In addition to the main headlight, there are also two steering lights for auxiliary lighting. The rear has two steering warning lights in addition to the brake light on the rear wing. The 6 LEDs not only satisfy your night lighting, but also make you safer when driving at night. 

Touchable Intelligent Display

Touch the smart digital display, which can be switched at any time by touching the buttons on the screen. Driving mode, headlight switch, and all driving data can be easily controlled.</p

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