LeEco Cool1 Dual VS Xiaomi Redmi Pro Camera Review

Recently, Dual rear camera for a smartphone has become the tendency for most brands. For example, Xiaomi has released Redmi Pro with dual rear camera, and Letv also followed to announce LeEco Cool1 Dual smartphone, which is also equipped with dual rear camera. Cool1 Dual has similar market position as Redmi Pro. So we will compare LeEco Cool1 with Xiaomi Redmi Pro in their camera to check which one be better.

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Camera Specs

Cool1 Dual smartphone and Xiaomi Redmi Pro both take dual rear camera, but they still have difference.  Cool 1 dual has the highest 13MP camera with 6P lens, Sony sensor. It takes one camera with black and white, the other is color, which can improve the color largely and clarity. In addition, Coolpad has its own BFC patent algorithm to realize smart photo capturing. But Redmi Pro uses 13MP Sony IMX258 sensor for the upper rear one, the lower one camera is 5MP Camera from Samsung sensor, two rear camera both have F/2.0 aperture.

In camera interface, Cool1 Dual and Redmi Pro shows different UI style. Cool1 Dual uses simple style, easy to operate, and it has SLR, skin care, professional, watermark, night view and other rich and professional photographing function, which can compare well with other high-end smartphones.


But Redmi Pro style is very compatible with MIUI’s, its functions are similar to MIUI 8 OS. This time Redmi Pro uses dual rear camera solution, so it has added a switch mode to opt in the interface of photo taking. Users can adjust freely with the range from F/0.95 to F/5.6 aperture. Compared with Cool1 dual smartphone with multiple functions, Redmi Pro needs to be improved.


Samples Contrast

We mention that Cool1 Dual smartphone dual rear camera can realize to judge the environment smartly to launch them automatically. But Redmi Pro needs to launch them manually. In fact, this is the real and fake dual rear camera between Cool1 Dual phone and Redmi Pro. Of course, Cool1 dual performs better than Redmi Pro not only in this aspect, but also others as follow. Let’s check the sample contrast.

1.Sample in the day (Left is Cool1 dual, Right is Redmi Pro)


Cool1 Dual smartphone has higher brightness in general, the building color is more gorgeous. But Redmi Pro has lack of texture, and seems darker.

2. Night Sample


It’s very obvious that Cool1 Dual phone has richer details, and higher color saturation, and better pixels control, especially in enlarging some parts. Cool1 Dual rear camera wins in taking pictures at night over Redmi Pro.

3. Macro Distance Sample


In taking photos in very close distance, Cool1 Dual smartphone shows blur effect as Redmi Pro, although Redmi Pro has show the blur effect more intensely, it can’t get rid of mapping feeling.


Cool1 Dual smartphone has different style from Redmi Pro in taking pictures, but also apparent distance in its quality. For example, Cool1 Dual can capture the scene smartly, realize taking pictures spontaneously, but Redmi Pro needs to operate manually. According to sample contrast, Cool1 Dual smartphone performs better in most parts than Redmi Pro. So do you know which one has better camera now? By the way, you can enjoy coupon code exclusively: IGEEKRedpro to catch REDMI Pro at $319.99 now.

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