LeEco Cool1 Smartphone Design, Hardware, Antutu,OS, Battery, Camera Review

It’s said iPhone 7 will come with dual rear camera, but due to high price of iphone 7, not everyone can afford it, recently, coolpad cooperated with Letv to release Cool1 smartphone with dual rear camera, too. Cool1 inherited the strength of coolpad in hardware, and software from Letv. The more importance is that it introduced the only color+black and white dual rear camera solution. So how is this new Cool1 smartphone?


Overall Specs

Cool1 is powered by Snapdragon 652 processor, Adreno 510 GPU, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB, RAM 4GB ROM 32GB, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB three versions. It has  5.5inch 1920*1080p screen and Corning Gorilla screen III. In camera, it has 8MP front camera and 13MP dual rear camera, it is built in 4060mAh battery, dual sim card, dual standby and 4G network.


In design, Cool1 has its obvious Letv phone style, especially no bezel ID, using black wallpaper to show its high screen to body ratio. But it uses metal material in its back.



Cool1 uses the symmetrical design on the front top port.



In its back, dual rear camera is the highlight without doubt. It sets up on the top back, dual LED Tone flashlight besides. Both rear camera uses 13MP, 6P lens. The sensor is color and black and white which can improve the picture purity in dim light.

8251241_tu171_thumb_副本 8251241_tu151_thumb_副本

There is IR sensor on the top, we can control our appliance by software which is very convenient for us.

8251241_tu161_thumb_副本 8251241_tu181_thumb_副本

Power button and volume button are designed on the right side. We can see in the picture, the metal body shows it has superior quality in the strong light, which can ensure the durability and beauty at the same time.


In OS, Cool1 still uses EUI 5.6 OS based on Android6.0 OS. It integrated rich video resource from Letv, and three desktops consists of the whole EUI OS basic module. The integrated function of EUI updated makes Cool1 use more convenient.

8251963_1 8251963_2_thumb

EUI OS icon uses common design, the main difference among other smartphones is EUI can drop down shortcut keys integrated to multitasking management interface. It can bright up the interface by clicking lower left side of the square button. You can enjoy three kinds of interfaces by Cool1 such as Live interface.




Dual rear camera has become the hot solution for cameras design. Cool1 uses dual 13MP rear camera from Sony, but Cool1 dual rear camera is different from Redmi Pro and Honor 6 plus. Redmi Pro only has one camera photographing, the other is to calculate the depth of field. Huawei Honor 6 plus owns two same rear camera, but Cool1 has two rear camera with different specs, both can photograph.

Dual rear camera uses color+black and white is considered the best solution. Color sensor is responsible for collecting color information of  the object . In theory, the black and white sensor is improved 2.25 times of brightness in dim light.


Coolpad has applied for patents over 799 items in camera, this time it can cooperate with Letv which can get more advantage in product development.





Launching beautification mode, the skin becomes much brighter, and control the brightness well.

8251241_img_19700115_073500_thumb 8251241_313123_thumb

From macro distance sample, we can see cool1 keeps high sharpness picture whether near middle or edge place. It indicates the camera optical function is good, 6P lens still has its own advantage.

8251241_img_19700115_072123_thumb 8251241_img_19700115_073024_thumb 8251241_img_19700116_141141_thumb 8251241_img_19700116_141540_thumb 8251241_dasdas11_thumb

Taking pictures in dim light is the very important advantage of Cool1 dual rear camera. In view of the picture, it keeps very high saturation. It still retains certain details after enlarging to show the outstanding performance of color+black and white dual camera pixel control.


In general, thanks to color+black and white dual rear camera, Cool1 can be one of the best smartphone in camera at the similar price. Whether picture color or clarity, it has given us big surprise.


In hardware, Cool1 is powered by Snadpragon 652, it has two versions, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB and RAM 4GB ROM 64GB.  Snapdragon 652 is based on 28nm HPM process, 4*A72+4*A53 cortex architecture, 1.8GHz, and Adreno 510 GPU. It supports OpenGL ES 3.1/CL 2.0 full、DirectX 12, curved division and other technology. From the previous test, Snapdragon 652 can run most large games.


In network, Snapdragon 652 integrated X8 LTE, supporting 4G+ network, VoLTE , etc. So Cool can support dual sim card dual standby to insert sim card freely to enjoy 4G network.


According to test result, Cool1 performance belongs the normal level to use Snapdragon 652 processor, its Antutu score is up to 78,000, 3D mark score is 18,268. In ROM reading performance, the 4K random reading speed of Cool1 is 42.38MB/s,and 4K writing speed is 5.11MB/s. It looks the normal level of eMMC 5.1.


Cool1 is built in a 4060mAh battery with 690Wh/L, for a 152×74.8×8.2mm dimension, Cool1 performs well. Its EUI OS integrated power saving management including long standby, locking cleaning, app protection, etc. The app protection function can keep the app when cleaning in the background.


According to test result, Cool1 has got 9940 score in battery life which is nice for a 4060 battery. In addtion, Cool1 can also support USB Type C port and can charge for other devices.



Coolpad as old brand for smartphones, and Letv as a representative of Internet smartphone brand, they can cooperate to release this Cool1 smartphone at very affordable price to show its great advantage in hardware and software. In the near future, we will see more win-win situation in handset lines.

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