Lei Jun Said Xiaomi Is Happy To Have a Friend Like Huawei

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On November 5, Xiaomi Group held a new product launch conference in Beijing. Lei Jun, founder, chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi, also talked about the competition with Huawei.

Lei Jun said: ‘Some people say that the most unforgettable hatred in the world is friendship. In fact, I really don’t think so. I think that having a friend like Huawei is the biggest fortune for Xiaomi. People must have friends and those who love you are friends. We and our friends go hand in hand and love each other.’

Xiaomi and Huawei

He also said that he began to participate in the global DXoMark smartphone image evaluation in March last year. At that time, he said that the ‘Flag’ would take the world’s first smartphone camera technology for three to five years.

‘At the time, the world’s number one was Huawei. I casually said a slogan. Of course, the word ‘turning over China’ was very exciting. After I finished speaking, I was widely publicized by media friends here, causing a lot of misunderstandings. In fact, the meaning of this sentence is not the vicious competition between Chinese companies. I want to express that in the camera system that Huawei is most concerned about, Xiaomi should surpass Huawei in technology.’

For the release of the world’s first 100MP smartphone the Xiaomi CC9 Pro, Lei Jun mentioned that it scored 121 points in DXoMark. And for the first time, it tied with Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro.

‘A lot of people often say, why do you want to be business-oriented? I said that you are wrong. We and Huawei compete with each other, transcend each other and grow together. I think China needs more excellent technology enterprises. Because only in this way we can push China’s science and technology to a new height.’

According to the information provided by Xiaomi, the Xiaomi CC9 Pro adopts a combination of five cameras, including the 13mm focal length 20-megapixel super wide-angle lens, 25mm focal length 100MP main lens, 50mm focal length 12-megapixel classic portrait lens, 10 times hybrid zoom telephoto lens that enables the exclusive macro lens group with a shooting distance of 1.5 cm.


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