Lenovo ZUK Z2 vs Meizu M3E Design, Antutu, OS, Camera Review

What we touch most is the smartphone we use now. With the rapid speed of Internet, smartphone has become more and more important. However, the strange tendency is that smartphone has become larger and larger, and the antutu test score becomes higher and higher, the special functions become more and more powerful. Currently, the $180 smartphones have become the hot market. Therefore, we choose two popular smartphones for comparison, ZUK Z2  vs Meizu M3E. Which one is more powerful?



ZUK Z2 uses high density glass fiber mid-frame, front uses 2.5D curved glass, so does the back cover. More important feature is that there is no pause point in mid-frame, and doesn’t continue the 拱形 structure. It looks more flat to realize the unity of mid-frame. Therefore, whether in vision or holding feel, this kind of design looks more high-quality and high-level. The transparent and bring design makes it stand out. Meanwhile, ZUK Z2 also uses physical Home button to support U-touch function, which improved the using efficiency greatly. But Meizu M3E uses the fingerprint scanner on its home button, which also use more conveniently.


On the back, Meizu M3E uses metal body, three-step design, the white antennas up and down make us not feel comfortable. But ZUK Z2 doesn’t use this kind of antenna, the front and back glass design bring us more comfortably. In camera, ZUK Z2 and Meizu M3E both use single back camera with 13MP.


ZUK Z2 and Meizu M3E has much difference between screen size, in thickness, Meizu M3E wins a little, but ZUK Z2 5inch screen is much smaller than Meizu M3E.



It’s worthwhile to mention that ZUK Z2 uses front 8MP camera, but Meizu M3E only has 4.9MP front camera, which means ZUK Z2 has much disadvantage in taking selfies.


Thanks to middle uniboy design, ZUK Z2 smartphone has excellent holding feel which is very sleek, but Meizu M3E uses partial sleek middle frame design, the CNC processing makes the smartphone more thinner. In interface, ZUK Z2 uses USB Type C port, but Meizu M3E still uses Micro USB port.

ZUK Z2 runs ZUI OS based on Android6.0, which is also built in rich operating functions, concentrating on U health for users habits. But Meizu M3e uses Flyme OS based on YunOS. In OS design, Meizu M3E still continues its old Flyme OS style, but it adds more functions of YunOS.

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ZUK Z2 OS Interface

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Meizu M3E Interface

ZUK Z2 and Meizu M3E icons have been redesigned, the personalized difference in OS brings different experience. In operation, ZUK Z2 sets up its multi-tasking by pressing the Home button twice, showing the quick-key to slide from down to up, which is very convenient. But Meizu M3E shows the quick-key by sliding from down to up. It’s a little different about Meizu M3E multitasking quick access. If you don’t use Flyme OS before, you will feel a little confused.

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ZUK Z2 Sports function

In order to let users use the sports function of ZUK Z2, ZUK has made big difference in its UI. The three circle exercise management interface in the left side of main interface makes users quick access the U health interface. But Meizu M3E provides more quick switch way for its users, meanwhile, it can reduce the problem of multitasking interface.


As a buyer, the performance of a smartphone can be the decisive factor for them to buy first. So which one has better performance between ZUK Z2 and Meizu M3E.
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According to antutu test, ZUK Z2 has 117,452 points, but Meizu M3E only has 47,210 points, it proves ZUK Z2 is more powerful than Meizu M3E, Because ZUK Z2 uses the most powerful Snapdragon 820 processor, but Meizu M3E only uses Helio MT6755M processor. It shows that ZUK Z2 will operate very fast and fluently in high-density use. But Meizu M3E will be not same like ZUK Z2.


ZUK Z2 and Meizu M3E both uses 13MP rear camera, Sony IMX258, f/2.2 aperture, In hardware of camera, they have similar specs, but we can judge camera quality by hardware, but also inner algorithm is also very important.
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ZUK Z2 Camera Interface

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Meizu M3E Camera Interface

Let’s check the sample of photos.


ZUK Z2 (UP) vs Meizu M3E(DOWN)

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ZUK Z2 (UP) vs Meizu M3E(DOWN)

In sample contrast, the image quality of ZUK Z2 is better than Meizu M3E, in exposure accuracy, the saturation of image both have advantage, and it shows more clearly and delicately. In real experience, ZUK Z2 has more comfortable operation than Meizu M3E, so does the switch mode.


ZUK Z2 and Meizu M3E both belong to the similar price smartphone, according to four aspects contrast like design, OS, performance, and camera, we found they both have their advantage and disadvantage, ZUK Z2 performs excellently in hardware, design, camera. But Meizu M3E is more thinner, personalized OS. ZUK Z2 has advantages in camera, overall performance, and sports function, but Meizu M3E has its merits in users’ experience, and features. Therefore, we can know which one you should choose right now.

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