Letv LeEco Le Max 2 VS Xiaomi MI5 Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review

Snapdragon 820 processor smartphones are still quite popular on the market now, although the tendency will be the Snapdragon 821 processor ones. Right now whether Snapdragon 821 or Snapdragon 820 phones, they both have not been common around the world. Xiaomi MI5 and Letv LeEco Le Max 2 both are considered the classic ones as their own brands powered by Snapdragon 820 processor which can be the best rival. But we seems not to be clear about which one finally wins. Therefore, today we will compare Xiaomi MI5 and Le Max 2 to tell you which one is highly recommended more.




The difference between Xiaomi MI5 and LeTV LeEco LE MAX 2 is very apparent, according to the specs comparison, the main difference between them is the body screen, material. Le Max 2 has larger screen size with 5.7inch 2K screen, and it uses metal body, however, Xiaomi MI5 uses dual glass body design with 5.15inch FHD screen.

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According to both appearance, Le Max 2 is obviously larger than Xiaomi MI5, so the in one hand holding, Xiaomi MI5 will be better, but some people will like larger screen to watch videos for better visual experience.


On their back, Le Max 2 uses all metal body, Xiaomi MI5S adopts curved glass back. Of course, they have big difference in design, Le Max 2 has higher pixel camera, which stands out a little.


In all, Le Max 2 has big difference from Xiaomi MI5 in screen size, material, and design. But we think if you like light and screen size, go for Xiaomi MI5, but you want to enjoy larger screen to watch the videos, then why not opt for Le  Max 2?


The crucial factor to judge the phone good or not is in its hardware like processor and RAM. Xiaomi MI5 and Le Max 2 both are powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, the main difference is that Le Max 2 has RAM 6GB. Therefore, let’s compare their Antutu test.


According to Antutu score, Le Max 2 is absolutely higher than Xiaomi MI5.

In order to show their performance more impartially, let’s test GeekBench 3, which will get a score considering its CPU, GPU, internal storage, etc.


According to Geekbench, Le Max 2 has better advantage than Xiaomi MI5, which means Le Max 2 with larger storage to show better effect and better user experience.

In all, they both have similar scores in hardware, so they are even in their hardware.


In camera, Xiaomi MI5 and Le MAX 2 both have its own camera. Xiaomi MI5 has 4MP front camera and 16MP back camera, but Le Max 2 has 8MP front and 21MP back camera. The former one attached more importance to the big aperture, so the pixel of dual camera is lower, but Le Max pay more attention to high pixel, smaller aperture. So let’s compare them according to their samples.


Le Max 2 vs Xiaomi MI5 Distant view



Le Max 2 VS Xiaomi MI5 Close Distance Sample


Le MAX 2 VS Xiaomi MI5 indoor sample


Le MAX 2 VS Xiaomi MI5 Micro Distance Sample

According to comparison, Le Max 2 has 21MP rear camera which is higher than MI5 with 16MP rear one, in terms of pixel, Le Max 2 has better advantage, but in terms of aperture, Xiaomi MI5 win. From their samples, Xiaomi MI5 has higher brightness and color rendering and better visual experience under the enough light. But under the low light indoor, Le Max 2 sample looks more real.


Le Max 2 is built in 3200mAh battery, for a 5.7inch 2K screen, the battery capacity seems too small. After all, most smartphones with 5.5inch screen or above come with 3500mh battery or higher. So the power consumption is faster.


But Xiaomi MI5 has 3000mAh battery which is only 100mAh less than Le Max 2. Due to small screen and 1080P screen resolution, the power consumption will not be so fast. Therefore, in battery life, Xiaomi MI5 wins.


Other Features




EUI 5.6 OS

Xiaomi MI5 and Le Max 2 OS are both based on Android6.0, but one uses its own MIUI 8 OS, the other with EUI5.6 OS. Of course, MIUI 8 has better user experience than EUI 5.6. In network, both are the latest flagship before, and both can support 4G+ netcom, dual SIM card, dual standby, and VOlte. In other features, Le Max 2 supports 2K screen, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, which can unlock fast with wet hands, but Xiaomi mI5 doesn’t support, it uses glass body,which has better craftsmanship than the common glass design.


In terms of hardware, Xiaomi MI5 and Le Max 2 both have good performance without much difference. Le Max 2 has the higher specs such as 2K screen, RAM 6GB, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, etc. But it also has disadvantage in OS, software optimization and battery life. On the other hand, Xiaomi MI5 improves user experience gradually, and keep balance in hardware and software, especially its MIUI 8 OS and camera optimization. But in hardware, Le Max 2 can win. And we highly recommend Le Max 2 because it has better performance and lower price which are the important factor to affect our choice. You can enjoy the big discounts from Efox about Le Max 2 international version at €205.99 now. Hurry up.

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