MediaTek To Launch Its 5G + AI Chip This Month

On May 22, MediaTek suddenly issued a statement, suggesting that its first 5G+AI chip will be officially released later this month. The manufacturer also attached an animation, in which it says: ‘When intelligence meets speed, what will happen? MediaTek 5G and AI will come soon. Wait for the incredible May.’

As the only smartphone processor manufacturer on the market that competes with Qualcomm, MediaTek has its own 5G baseband chip solution, the Helio M70. At the MWC 2019 conference, the Helio M70 was tested at the highest speed of 4.2Gbps (download speed approx. 540M per second).


So it is not difficult to guess that the MediaTek chip that will be launched in May should be the next-generation MediaTek flagship processor that integrates (or plugs in) the M70 baseband. Is it the rebirth of the X-series? In any case, this is not good news for Qualcomm.

Although MediaTek has been suppressed by Qualcomm this year and faded out of the public view, MediaTek’s processors have not missed the smartphone market completely. Say, the OPPO R15 equipped with Helio P60 has won the title of the best-selling smartphone in 2018.

Previously, there were sets of souvenirs for the Helio P70/P60 two processors that shipped 50 million units. And this move directly proves the MediaTek chips still can compete with Qualcomm, Huawei, and Samsung. In the eyes of the industry, it is not uncommon for a single series of chips to reach 50 million sets of sales. And it is still quite good for MediaTek to have this.


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