Meizu M3 Max VS Xiaomi MI Max Design, Antutu, Battery Review

This year, large screen smartphone has become the tendency, Xiaomi has released Xiaomi MI Max on May 10 with 6.44inch screen. After four month, Meizu also announced Meizu M3 Max with 6inch screen on September 5. Although Xiaomi max has price advantage now, the customers attach more important to price or quality which need to discuss.  So let’s compare Meizu M3 Max and Xiaomi MI Max to prove which one should be chosen.

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Large screen is the main feature of this two smartphone which can not only bring better visual experience but also good holding feel. In view of specs, Xiaomi MI Max has 6.44inch 1920 x 1080 IPS screen, 342 PPI,1000:1 comparison rate, 72% NTSC color gamut, but Meizu M3 MAX has 6inch FHD IPS screen with 1920 x 1080p screen resolution, 368 PPI,1000:1 comparison degree, 450cd/m² brightness.

Let’s check the real effect of two smartphone screen. (Both are under the environment of moderate color, and the highest brightness)

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Xiaomi Max vs Meizu M3 Max

You can compare to know which one has better screen.

Xiaomi Mi Max has 7.5mm thickness, Meizu M3 Max 7.9mm, they have processed the thickness below 8mm.


Let’s compare their metal material. They both use metal body but with much difference. Xiaomi MI MAX uses metal pressing and partial CNC processing, namely, it’s made of a metal panel with high stress CNC stamping,  theoretically this kind of craft can’t make an unibody, only a metal back cover at most. So Xiaomi MI MAX is jointed by plastic up and down, this kind of process is very cheap, so the body strength is weakest.


But Meizu M3 Max uses all typical CNC processing, the whole body is processed by a complete piece of aluminum plate. In theory, this kind of processing has best body quality and strength, so the cost will be higher.


Although they both use metal body, they have different level in its design and quality. If in our daily life, our smartphone fell down, the first broken parts of Xiaomi mi max is not screen, but the plastic at the both ends which will be very embarrassing.


As is known to us that Meizu M3 Max sells at 1699 yuan, and Xiaomi mi Max at 1499 yuan, Meizu M3 Max is powered by Helio P10 processor with RAM 3GB ROM 64GB, but Xiaomi MI MAX powered by Snapdragon 652 processor, RAM 3GB ROM 64GB. They have difference in price, so it will be the comparison between Helio P10 and Snapdragon 652 processor.


Meizu M3 Max Left vs Xiaomi MI MAX Right

In performance, Meizu M3 MAX is less than Xiaomi MI MAX, in antutu test, they have 30,000 scores disparity. In Geekbench 3, they also have one time difference between single core, but also similar in multi-core. So in single core performance, Xiaomi MI MAX is more excellent. But in Master Lu test, Meizu M3 MAX is 20 scores more than Xiaomi MI MAX.


Xiaomi Mi Max  Left vs  Meizu M3 Max Right

It means in daily use, Meizu M3 Max operates more fluently than Xiaomi MI MAX. Because Helio P10 has 8 A53 core, four 1.8GHz and four 1.0Ghz cores which uses the advanced 28nm HPC+ processing, when it runs with 8 cores together, and Meizu M3 max has supported low power consumption, so it will be fluent in usage of daily use.


Xiaomi MI MAX is powered by Snapdragon 650 processor with four Cortex-A72 and four Cortex-A53, Octa core architecture. When launching the apps in the main interface, it turns off the four big cores, and four small A53 cores. So the fluency of Meizu M3 Max is better than that of Xiaomi MI MAX. But in operating large games, Meizu M3 MAX feels a little burden. Thanks to four Cortex-A72 big core performance, Xiaomi MI MAX plays games better such as NBA 2K16 game. But Meizu m3 max plays common games without problem.


In battery life, Xiaomi mi max is built in 4850mAh battery, but 5V/2A charges electricity so slowly, adding high-performance processor, the advantage of its battery will be no use. However, Meizu M3 Max has 4,100mAh battery smaller capacity than Xiaomi mi max, but it has 12V/2A quick charge, its power rate is up to 24W, so the charging speed of Meizu M3 Max is faster than Xiaomi MI MAX.


Both are the main comparison between Xiaomi MI MAX and Meizu M3 MAX. In design, Meizu M3 MAX wins. In performance, Xiaomi MI MAX wins, in battery, they have similar capacity. Therefore, if you care more about quality and experience, Meizu M3 MAX will perform better. But if you attach more importance to performance, Xiaomi MI MAX will be a better choice.

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