Meizu M3E Tear-down Review (Coupon Available)

Meizu M3E, a new mid-range phone was launched by Meizu last week. If you are looking for such a phone, better check it out. The only thing that you should be familiar is YunOS, the operational system of Meizu.

meizu-m3E-officialThe M3E has a very premium look due to its metal unibody design with nano injection molding process and anodic oxidization. So do you want to see if it is that good and from the inside, as it is from the outside!? Then watch as we disassemble it to small pieces!

M3E-teardown-1 M3E-teardown-2 M3E-teardown-3

Tear-down Steps

First we remove the SIM tray. After that we remove the two torx screws at the bottom of the phone. To remove the rear frame from the rest of the phone we will have to use a rubber suction cup (placed at the lower part of the screen). You must do it gently or it will come off. At the rear case we find the volume rocker, the power buttons and the point of contact with the motherboard. You can set aside the rear plate and move to the other part.

M3E-teardown-4 M3E-teardown-5 M3E-teardown-6 M3E-teardown-7 M3E-teardown-8

In order to proceed, you will have to remove the screws (3 in total) on the metal plate. Remove all the screws holding the plastic surface board which is used to protect the camera modules from shocks. After removing all the screws holding the motherboard and screen together, the motherboard should come off now.

M3E-teardown-9 M3E-teardown-10 M3E-teardown-11 M3E-teardown-12 M3E-teardown-13 M3E-teardown-14

Six additional screws at the base which hold a small plate covering the speaker module and Back button are seen now. Now, if you try you will see that the camera module, Back button, and speaker module can be removed easily now.

M3E-teardown-15 M3E-teardown-16 M3E-teardown-17 M3E-teardown-18

Now peel off the copper foil covering the motherboard and you will be able to see the Mediatek processor, Texas Instruments fast charge chip and memory (RAM and ROM).

M3E-teardown-19 M3E-teardown-20 M3E-teardown-21 M3E-teardown-22 M3E-teardown-23 M3E-teardown-24 M3E-teardown-25 M3E-teardown-26

So now you know how it looks and from the inside. Did you like it!? Please don’t forget to use 4% off coupon code: 4AndroidPhones to get this Meizu M3E at lower price 201.59usd.

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