Meizu MX6 vs Xiaomi MI5 Design, Hardware, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review

Meizu has released Meizu MX6 smartphone several months ago, and it sells at the same price as Xiaomi MI5 Standard version. And Meizu MX6 as the latest flagship of Meizu MX series, Xiaomi mi5 also as the one flagship until now in MI series. So they both have much similarities, when you face two choices, which one will you choose first?


Specs Comparison

Model                        Meizu MX6                   Xiaomi MI5
Screen                 5.5inch FHD screen            5.15inch FHD screen
CPU                    Helio X20 Deca core           Snapdragon 820 Quad core
RAM                    4GB                                    3GB
ROM                   32GB                                  32GB
Camera              5MP+12MP                         4MP+16MP
Battery               3060mAh                            3,000mAh
Network             netcom                                netcom
OS                    Flyme 5.2                             MIUI7
Dimensions       153.6*75.2*7.25mm            144.55*69.2*7.25mm
Color               Champagne, golden,silver, rose         black, white, golden
Price                 1999 yuan                            1999 yuan
Features          metal body, fingerprint ID, Quick charge, type C    Glass body, fingerprint ID, Quick charge, type C

Currently, Meizu MX6 has one version, powered by Helio X20 processor, RAM 4GB ROM 32GB, which has bestselling points like all metal body, fast speed, long battery life, camera and other features. Xiaomi MI5 has three versions including standard version at 1999 yuan, advanced version, 2299 yuan and elite version at 2699 yuan. Xiaomi MI5 standard version sells as same as Meizu MX6. Xiaomi MI5 Standard version is powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, so let’s compare them by design, performance, os, camera, network, battery, etc.



Due to different size between Meizu MX6 and Xiaomi MI5, the most difference between them is the screen size and the body material is also different. Meizu MX6 uses all metal design, but Xiaomi MI5 uses dual glass body and metal frame.

Meizu MX6 continues the design of Meizu Pro 6 to take the all metal design and has popular champagne color, sky grey, moonlight silver, and rose golden four colors, front design adopts 2.5D curved glass, narrow frame, front fingerprint scanner on Home button, and its top receiver uses symmetrical design.


In the back design, Meizu MX6 uses antenna design, nano molding line, arc frame design have increased the craftsmanship difficulty to improve the screen to body ratio beauty, and it has also enhanced largely about the back identification.



Xiaomi MI5 continues the style of Xiaomi MI Note to use aluminum alloy mid-frame and double arc glass body design. It has white,black and silver color, front 2.5D arc glass screen, fingerprint scanner on its home button, and it has same thickness 7.25mm as Meizu MX6. In addition, Xiaomi MI5 has used narrow frame design, due to small size, so it has better holding feeling.


As for its back design, Xiaomi MI5 is equipped with 3D curved design, compared with Xiaomi MI Note with 2.5D arc, it is more smooth and better touch feel and more beautiful.


In terms of design, Meizu MX6 and Xiaomi MI5 both have nice design and good touch feeling. So it will depend on your interest. If in terms of material, Meizu MX6 is more outstanding than MI5 in narrow frame, no obvious black line. Meizu MX6 uses symmetrical design with better details. Xiaomi MI5 uses glass design which is more exquisite, and its back 3D curved glass has better holding feel, but the disadvantage is that glass is less stronger than metal and is more easy to get fingerprint. Therefore, we think Meizu MX6 is more beautiful, how about you?


In performance, Meizu MX6 and Xiaomi mi5 both are not so outstanding. So which one is better? Meizu MX6 is powered by Helio X20 Deca core 2.3Ghz processor, RAM 4GB ROM 32GB, according to antutu test, the performance score is as follow.


Meizu MX6 Antutu Score: 89165 points

Xiaomi MI5 is powered by Snapdragon 820 Quad core 1.8GHz processor, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB, check the antutu test score as follow.


Xiaomi MI5 Antutu score: 11,1304

According to antutu test, they have big difference, so does their performance. Xiaomi MI5 is more powerful than Meizu MX6, but in RAM, it is smaller than Meizu MX6 which is a little disappointed. Of course, Meizu MX6 has disadvantage in processor,  but Helio X20 processor doesn’t support LPDDR4 RAM, so Meizu MX6 has to use the old DDR3 RAM, but Xiaomi MI5 comes with DDR4 RAM, so in hardware, Meizu MX6 processor is a problem to compare with Xiaomi MI5.


In camera, Meizu MX6 is equipped with the latest Sony IMX386 sensor, 6P lens, dual-tone LED flash, PDAF, its back 12MP camera is very good, which has reached the high level to compare more expensive smartphone. But Xiaomi MI5 comes with 16MP back camera with 4-axis OIS, according to real test, it doesn’t have much outstanding feature in camera, so we think Meizu MX6 is stronger than Xiaomi MI5 in taking pictures, after all Meizu MX6 uses the latest sensor.


In ROM of Chinese smartphones, if we say Xiaomi MIUI OS ranks the first, then Meizu Flyme OS can be the second one, in OS comparison, they have no big difference, which both belong to excellent Chinese ROM.


Meizu MX6 comes with 3060 battery, which is larger a little than Xiaomi MI5. But Meizu MX6 has larger screen size, so the battery life of Meizu MX6 will not be better than Xiaomi MI5. Both of them can support one day battery life and quick charge technology, so they are even in battery.


Other features

Meizu MX6 has similar functions to Xiaomi MI5 with front fingerprint scanner, quick charge, USB Type C port, etc. But Meizu MX6 adds a personalized back cover, which can lock the screen in time, music, wifi, power saving, etc better. So the performance is very good.



Meizu MX6 has better appearance than Xiaomi MI5, and its personalized leather case cover makes us impress, but its processor is not better than Xiaomi MI5. So Meizu MX6 will be more suitable for those who like large screen, more beauty. But Xiaomi MI5 standard version has 10 big technology, compared with Meizu MX6, it is more excellent in CPU. So if you like small screen, better performance, Xiaomi MI5 will be a good choice. By the way, right now you can enjoy coupon code: Mi532  to catch XiaoMi Mi5 32GB BLACK at $288.99, coupon code: MMi532 to catch XiaoMi Mi5 32GB GOLDEN at $ 288.99 and Coupon code: Mi532GB4G for XiaoMi Mi5 32GB WHITE at  $285.99. You can also enjoy Coupon code: GB9% to catch Meizu MX6 all version to save more.

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