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€399 with coupon for MINGDA Magician Max Modular FDM 3D Printer, Auto Leveling, Double Gears Direct Extrusion, Printing Size 320*320*400mm from EU warehouse GEEKBUYING

MINGDA Magician Max Modular FDM 3D Printer A superb modular FDM 3D Printer unleashes your 3D printing potential! Equipped with a new 32-bit motherboard and a high-performance Cortex-M4 architecture main control chip, MINGDA features faster computing speed and a smoother system. The integration silent driver makes the motherboard have both silent printing and precise voltage output control, which ensures more accurate and silent printing.

MINGDA Magician Max Modular FDM 3D Printer
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€399 €699


Large Printing Size
320*320*400mm, Creates more possibilities

Don’t need manual leveling, the intelligent leveling system can automatically adjust the uneven hotbed. High-sensitivity sensor,
16-point precise leveling.

Ultra-Silent Printing
The mechanical structure is ultraquiet, and the chip 2209 is ultra-quiet. Ultra-quiet TMCUse TMC Stepper motor drivers, super quiet and noise reduction, running more stable,<50dB silent printing

Ready to Print
One step assemble, ready to print

Glass Heat Bed
The 4th generation of glass heat bed cold glue installation, easy to take the model and scratch proof.

Dual Cooling Fans
The printing head adopts a double fan two-way heat dissipation system, which cools down models rapidly. The printing speed is faster which can reach 100mm/s.

Double Gears Direct Extrusion
Conveying material uniform without winding

Automatic Filament
Broken material can be automatically detected

Stepping Drive – Ultra Quiet TMC
Use TMC Stepper Motor Drivers, Super Quiet and Noise Reduction, running more stable,≤50dB silent printing

The newly upgraded chip of Brand core
High-speed computing; high-performance, 32-bit frequency: 168M; Cortex M4 CPU with FPU and DSP instruction, memory protection unit

Multi Connection
Support SD card, USB, and USB-C supports online printing

Dual Z-Axis with Synchronous Belt
Improve the accuracy, and keep the “layer shift” away.

Belt Tensioner on X/Y Axis
Adjust the belt tightness to avoid long-term use of the printer, the belt is loose.

3.5″ Large Touch Screen
The screen adopts a new UI interface, manipulates photos, and switches to multiple languages. New interface; large screen; simple operation.

Build-in Tool Box
Convenient after using the tool

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