Mixcder Shareme Pro Headphone Hands on Review

When we first got our hands on the Mixcder Shareme 7, a month and a half ago, we were skeptical that this new kid on the block was just another wannabe company with an inferior cheap product.  But after thorough testing and review we were pleasantly (and unexpectantly) surprised with the audio and build quality of Mixcder’s inaugural product (visit our review here )  


The Mixcder Shareme Pro, by its name, gave us great expectations that this successor would be a vast improvement over its predecessor, which it is in many respects. As with the Shareme 7, the Shareme Pro offers an extremely comfortable and soft over-the-ear listening experience, with its supple synthetic protein leather ear cushions and headband. With its extendable stainless steel headband and over-the-ear speakers that can rotate upto 90 degrees, Mixcder has produced a versatile product that fits your unique sizing without much effort. All while offering a product that is quite sturdy and light-weight. However, while it’s generally accepted that over-the-ear headphone users give up aspects of portability for the sake of audio quality, it seems the Pro has lost its way in this respect. With the Shareme 7, Mixcder designed the headset with the ability for the speakers to fold inwards, giving it a smaller footprint in terms of portability. But to our slight dismay  such a feature doesn’t exist with the Pro and we’re left carrying a full sized over-the-ear headphone when we’re out and about. While this is NOT a big issue, pardon the pun, it is something any perspective buyer should consider, unless you plan on wearing these around your neck when they’re not being used.


This Bluetooth EDR 4.1 wireless headphone features 40mm drivers designed to the audio quality we come to expect from Mixcder. However they have narrowed frequency response range, from 20hz-20kHz found on the Shareme 7, to 100hz-10kHz on the Pro model. While overall audio quality isn’t greatly affected by their decision, the difference is noticeable with its inability to handle deep bass under <80hz. This results in occasions where the bass is somewhat muddied and unclear during playback.


Apart from this, it is clear that Mixcder has taken to heart the various reviews of the Shareme 7 and has further improved on their Pro version, which further separates them from their peers. The biggest problem the Shareme 7 had was the extremely poor quality of their built-in microphone, which was so bad that many reviewers advised people to just give up and not even bother to utilize it as a feature. However with the Pro, they have greatly improved the quality of the microphone and also gave it a full metal grill, rather than the laughable tiny pinhole they had on the Shareme  7. These improvements result in a clear audio conversation that makes you WANT to take phonecalls while wearing the Pro. Another improvement found on the Pro, was their decision to separate the volume and song shuffle controls, instead of the 3 button combined controls found on Shareme 7. With the pro we have V+, V- & Power buttons found on the left headset and Forward, Play/Pause, Back buttons found on the right headset. This is much to our relief as the previous model needed us to remember the differences between short-presses and long-presses.


Lastly, as with our Shareme 7 review, we would again like to address the Pro’s battery life. With the Shareme 7, we definitely didn’t  have any problems with Mixcder’s choice to have a built in 400mAh battery as it provided approximately 16-17 hours of usage on a 2 hour charge. However, as with many good companies, they were clearly not 100% satisfied with this, and have further improved on this, based on our tests. While still using a built-in 400mAh battery, the Pro provides a longer playback time of 20+ hours while only needing about 1.5 hours for a full charge.


In closing, while the Mixcder Shareme Pro has some minor issues when it comes to lack of portability & the absence of deep bass during playback, it offers many improvements over its predecessor, with its flexible / adaptive design, a much improved dedicated microphone, dedicated buttons for volume & song navigation and increased battery life.  We highly recommend this upgraded headset model for those that want to stay comfortably oblivious to their surroundings while getting lost in the music. Check more on its official store.



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