Mobi Smart Elliptical Machine Went On Sale at 3699 yuan ($525).

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In June of this year, Xiaomi Crowdfunding had put on a Mobi smart elliptical machine. Now this product has been officially launched in Xiaomi, and the price is 3699 yuan ($525).

The elliptical machine, also known as the space walker, is a systemic weight-bearing aerobic device. The elliptical machine trains the body’s balance and flexibility while exercising the body muscles, effectively strengthens the bones, prevents osteoporosis, and protects the knee joints.

The orbit of the planetary revolution is a circular motion. The Mobi smart elliptical machine uses this as a creative source to design the elliptical appearance and motion trajectory. The round solid wood and the elliptical metal complement each other, presenting the Nordic aesthetic design.

 The Mobi smart elliptical machine provides 24 resistance + smart control options. Different modes simulate multiple resistance and strength of jogging, walking, running and climbing. At the same time, the smart control mode recognizes the body state at any time. The smart control mode also helps you complete the whole process in the most balanced and comfortable body state.

The front flywheel design, which is also a new trend in the elliptical industry, is better than the rear flywheel design. It provides higher stability, smaller floor space and higher technical requirements.

The Mobi smart elliptical machine adopts two-way reluctance power design. So you can walk forward and backwards. Also, you can follow the training plan or create more sports postures. The dual-track four-axis design is safer than the common single-track dual-axis design on the market, effectively preventing derailment.

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