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MR CARVE C1 Folding Laser Engraver, 10W Laser Power, Auto Focus, 0.05mm Engraving Accuracy, 600mm/s, 80*80mm, Wireless App Connection 

MR CARVE C1 Folding Laser Engraver
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€542 €899

Compact, Foldable & Lightweight
MR CARVE C1 is small in size and lightweight, foldable, does not take up space and is easy to carry.

Carve Large Objects
The hollow design of the bottom plate can be placed at will. It can be directly carved on the surface of larger objects to solve the problem of large objects.

One-Button Autofocus
The high-precision motor controls the lifting of the support, saying goodbye to the manual focus adjustment, and upgrading the era of mechanical intelligence.

Both Carving and Cutting 
It can cut wood, paper, leather, etc. with a thickness of less than 2mm. With its own cutting panel, it is more convenient for operation and easy to make DIY manually.

Carving Cylinders and Curved Surfaces
MR CARVE C1 can be used with rollers (not included) at horizontal and vertical angles to easily carve large and small objects such as cylinders and curved surfaces.

Anti-shake Compensation 
The integrated galvanometer is adopted, and the field mirror can reach 600mm/s, which is sensitive, compatible, and more stable.

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