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Narwal Freo X Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop Built-in Dust Emptying, Strong 7800Pa Suction Power, Zero-Tangling Floating Brush, Tri-Laser Obstacle Avoidance, Alexa/Google Assistant/APP Control, Ideal for Pet Hair Hard Floor, Wood Floors

Narwal Freo X Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop
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€299 €499

Superior Suction Power of 7800Pa

With an incredible 7,800Pa of superb suction power, the Narwal Freo X Plus easily removes 99% of the dust from hard floors, carpets, and rugs, keeping dirt away from your floors and giving you a clean and comfortable living environment. Contrary to the strong suction power, it operates at a very low volume, which will not affect your daily life and work.

Zero-Tangling Floating Brush

Ideal for pet owners, the Narwal Freo X Plus features an SGS and TUV-certified zero-tangle brush with zero knots to ensure tangle-free cleaning on all floors, removing 99% of hair from carpets with ease.

Mop with 6N Downward Pressure Support

Narwal Freo X Plus features a mop with 6N downward pressure, unlike many other ordinary mops in the market that only scrub the floor, it comes with 6N downward pressure while mopping for deep cleaning of stubborn stains. It supports smooth and streak-free mopping with four spouts that dispense water evenly, easily mopping large floor areas without leaving streaks.

Superior Triple Laser Array and 9mm Auto Lift

Narwal Freo X Plus scans the surroundings in all directions to create an exclusive 3D map of the room, helping Narwal Freo X Plus chart the perfect cleaning route. It is not limited by the surrounding lighting conditions and works well in all light conditions. Dual side and front sensors easily detect and bypass smaller obstacles, avoiding small and low-lying objects (this laser is not pet-friendly). The Narwal Freo X Plus is also equipped with a 9mm mop lift function that won’t get the carpet wet, perfectly adapted to floors and carpets.

Stores up to 7 Weeks of Dust

A revolutionary stand-alone technology enables dust compression to expand the built-in storage space. It uses a HEPA 1-litre disposable dust bag to store up to 7 weeks’ worth of dust, truly freeing up your hands.

No Zone Setting and Edge Rotation

With the smart no-go zone feature, you can easily set up no-go zones to prevent the robot from entering the wrong area and avoiding areas that don’t need to be cleaned. The Edge Rotation function cleans the edges accurately so that dirt hidden in the corners can be cleaned easily.

Voice/APP Control

Narwal Freo X Plus supports APP and voice control, you can control it remotely, just a simple operation can be set according to the needs of the time and place needed to clean, easy to free your hands.

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