New Redmi Phone To Come on January 10 Jointly With TikTok

This morning, Xiaomi and TikTok officially announced about new cooperation and launched a related page. On the page, we can also see the appearance of the upcoming Redmi phone.

Redmi phone

According to the information on the promotion page, the previously rumored drop screen design has been confirmed to appear on this new machine. The camera on the back of the phone is arranged vertically. Apart from the camera, there are also the flash light and some printings referring to the camera features.

At the same time, this Redmi phone offers three colors of black, blue, and red, and adopts the popular streamer gradient design. This is the first smartphone in the Redmi family with a gradient design. But overall, this Redmi phone is very similar to the Xiaomi Mi Play released a couple of weeks ago.

In addition to the appearance of the announcement, this promotion page also showed a short video. As the latter shows, this new Redmi phone is called a ‘Little King Kong’ because of its excellent quality. However, this is not the official name of the handset.

little king kong

As said, Xiaomi will also cooperate with TikTok (aka Douyin or Vibrato in China) to open the world’s first the online content market, It will be announced on January 10. It is worth noting that, in the official statement, it is mentioned there will be ‘strategic new products’ coming on the same day. Unfortunately, we have no idea whether this ‘strategic new products’ refers to the new Redmi phone that has been announced or to another device. Previously, a mysterious double-folding smartphone leaked on a video. It was running on MIUI10. So we have been thinking it’s a Xiaomi device.

Xiaomi and TikTok

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