Newly Announced 70-Meter Smart Recorder 2 Went On Sale

As a member of the Xiaomi ecological chain, 70-Meter focuses on in-vehicle smart products. Recently, it launched new driving recorders, smart rearview mirrors, tire pressure monitoring sensors, and car purifiers. On August 12, the 70-meter smart recorder 2 was also put on the shelves, priced at 299 yuan ($42).

70-meter smart recorder 2

This smart recorder comes with a large aperture of F/1.8, has a wide-angle of 140 degrees, and a wider field of view. Under the hood, the 70-meter smart recorder 2 is equipped with OmniVision’s low-power image sensor. Its maximum resolution is 2560X1600, which can easily capture full HD images.

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There is also a built-in HiShip Hi3556V200 high-performance processor, which can quickly process huge driving record data, and has faster compression technology. Compared with traditional H.264 decoding, the compression rate is increased by 30%, which saves a lot of storage space.

The recorder has a built-in sensor that supports ‘car collision automatic recording’. In the emergency case, the recorder can protect the live image data separately from loop coverage.

When the recorder enters sleep mode while parked, G-sensor will continuously monitor the vehicle. If a collision occurs during parking, the recorder will automatically turn on and start recording the parking monitoring video.

By connecting the driving recorder through to the app through Wi-Fi, it can view the shooting picture, play back, and download the recorded data in real time without any flow.

Generally, all these features can be found on other top-branded products. But the selling point of the 70-meter smart recorder 2 is not the set of these specs. It costs only $42, which is way cheaper than many models on the market.

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