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NIU KQi2 Pro Electric Scooter 10 Inch Wheels 300W Rated Motor 25Km/h Max Speed 365Wh Battery 40KM Range 4 Riding Modes APP Control

NIU KQi2 Pro Electric Scooter
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€469 €799

Sleek Design
The KQi2 has a clean minimalist design with a drum brake engineered to fit neatly inside the front wheel, integrated wiring, and swappable griptape.
Say Goodbye to Range Anxiety
It offers a 40km range on a single charge. Play and play and play the distance away!
Max Comfort
Our award-winning design team stood in customer’s shoes to create an ergonomic design with wider handlebars, deck and tires.
The NIU patented folding mechanism is both safe and easy to use. Fold or unfold in just one simple motion.
Dual Braking
Front drum + electric brake. Dual brakes offer double the protection and safety!

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