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NIU KQi3 Sport 9.5” Wheel Electric Scooter 300W Rated Motor 25km/h Max Speed with APP 40km Mileage 

NIU KQi3 Sport Electric Scooter
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€549 €799
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Experience Longer Rides
Commute farther with the KQi3’s impressive 40km range on a single charge. You can now go the extra mile without worrying about charging your scooter.
Ride with Speed and Ease
With a top speed of 25 km/h and the ability to climb hills at a 15% gradient, you can now reach your destination faster and with ease.
Unmatched Comfort
The KQi3 is designed for comfort with its wider deck, wider bars, and bigger tires. You can now enjoy a smooth and stable ride, even on bumpy roads.
Safe and Secure
Equipped with the NIU ENERGY Battery Management System, the KQi3 provides 14 types of protection, ensuring your safety and security while riding. The patented industry-leading technology has carried riders more than 10 billion kilometers.
Stay Connected
Stay in control of your ride with the KQi3’s app-connected features. Check your battery level, and riding stats, and even customize your speed on the app. With the KQi3, you can now ride smarter and stay connected.

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