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OBARTER D5 Electric Scooter 12 Inch Vacuum Tire 2*2500W Dual Motor Max Speed 60-70Km/h Removable 48V 35Ah Battery for 60-120km Super Range Removable Tire Double Oil Brakes Front&Rear Hydraulic Suspension 150KG Max Load

OBARTER D5 Electric Scooter
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€1312 €2199

1. 12 inch 48V 5000W, high power scooter, top speed 60-70 yards (let the player better experience the performance of the car)
2. Removable battery (can be removed separately for charging)
3. Split tires (which can be changed quickly)
4. 35Ah large capacity battery, ultra-long range (60-120) km
5. 5A Quick charger (5-7 hours full)
6. 12 inch high elastic wear-resistant vacuum tire (road tire)
7. Double headlights on the front and left and right turn signals on the back
8. Folding body
9. Digital LCD screen (real-time monitoring data, speed, distance, power, gear, etc
10. Triple oil pressure shock absorbers (1 in front + 2 in back)
11. Front and rear hydraulic brake system (0.1sec braking, fast braking and strong stability)
12. Quadruple fold can be protected to strengthen the safety factor of the vehicle
13. Motor life increased to 3000 hours (high power, low heat, stronger heat dissipation capacity)

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