OPPO Announced its Own Intelligent Assistant Breeno

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OPPO held the 2018 OPPO Developer Conference in Beijing today. This conference had the theme of ‘Nothing in the Heart, Towards the Future’. Wu Heng, vice president of OPPO and president of the Software Engineering Division, announced the launch of the intelligent voice assistant Breeno for the 5G+ era universal integration. At the same time, OPPO announced the official opening of Breeno voice skills platform and smart service platform.


Breeno is an intelligent assistant that integrates perception, decision-making, and learning. Through natural multi-modal interaction, users can enjoy personalized service. Breeno contains a total of 7 modules. Among them, the suggestion in a certain area is Breeno’s new intelligent interaction module. For example, at the airport, the screen will light up and Breeno will automatically push the gate information. At the same time, the flight information can be stored in the bottom space.

Breeno opened up OPPO’s hardware, software, and service platforms and built a technical framework that integrates system-wide capabilities. Breeno is able to better understand user needs through the convergence of perceptual technology and natural interaction modalities. The cognitive technology represented by natural language understanding, knowledge map, situational calculation, and personalized recommendation allow Breeno to understand the world more comprehensively.


Wu Heng believes that for the future 5G+ era, the deep integration of 5G and AI, big data, cloud computing, AR and other technologies will produce new hardware and services. OPPO will also deepen the ‘soft, hard, and service’ integrated business model. Of course, smartphones are considered to be the core smart devices. But there will be emerging smart terminals as well as a smart hub for the era of everything.

He said that in the future, Breeno will also be the open platform for developers to use OPPO’s AI capabilities and bring new open voice skills and smart services. Also, Breeno will move to multi-brand and multi-terminal.

At the conference, OPPO also announced the official launch of the ‘gravitation plan’.

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