OPPO Applied for Patents With Pop-Up Screen

The competition in the smartphone market has reached an unprecedented level of intensity. With the pursuit of comprehensive screen design, a number of innovative approaches have emerged. OPPO has previously proven the creative design of the flagship smartphone through Find X and its sliding pop-up body. Now, we are offering to take a look at OPPO’s two patents that are more innovative, coming with …pop-up screens.


Today, Let’s Go Digital reported that in the two new design patents issued by OPPO on January 29, 2019, some quite strange equipment appeared. The craziest thing is that the phone has a pop-up part, which is not a camera, but a screen. OPPO’s imaginary auxiliary screen can be used to control content on larger screens, such as video transmission controls or game controls.

In addition to the pop-up screen, there is a side-sliding screen that can be used to display more content, but it still can be used for virtual keyboard input. Of course, sliding screens do offer the ability to expand screens, similar to folding screen devices but not technically complicated.

We have to say that both designs do not make too much sense with today’s tech. Because, yes you do add more screen but you also have a bezel in-between which spoils the entire view. That means you won’t be able to have a real full-screen experience unless they manage to entirely remove the top or side bezel.

However, recently, a few other Chinese manufacturers have applied for patents that may not turn into final products (or may). Among them, Xiaomi got patents for reversed notch-screen design, while Lenovo may design a foldable handset, which is folded from the bottom.

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