OPPO R17 Pro to Come With Smart Aperture and OIS

A couple of days ago, OPPO officially announced it will open an appointment for the OPPO R17 on August 18. Thus, the launch of the next generation OPPO flagship will happen in coming days. Yesterday, the manufacturer issued another statement saying the upcoming model will have an enhanced version, namely the OPPO R17 Pro. The selling point of the latter is going to be the varying aperture of F1.5/F.2.4. As for today, the company released a video, claiming the phone will support OIS.

OPPO R17 Pro

We should treat this information in the following way – the OPPO R17 Pro will use a three-axis stabilization system, which can adjust even a small vibration. Coming with the F1.5/2.4 Smart Aperture, the photos will be clearer and the performance of night shots will be better.

Generally, OPPO is known as an innovator in smartphone camera features. The beauty and clearness have always been the key areas of OPPO’s research and development in photography. OPPO pioneered the periscope dual camera when launched the R9s. The latter came with a Sony IMX398 sensor and was able to take amazing photos. The OPPO R11s opened the new era of AI wisdom and beauty, capable of intelligent analysis of gender, age, skin color, skin information, and suggest custom-made beauty options. The OPPO R15 comes with an innovative AI intelligent scene recognition, with 16 types of labels and 120 multi-label combination scenes, matching different optimization schemes for different scenes. So we can state adding new technologies via every iteration update is an important reason for the rising strength of OPPO cameras.

OPPO R17 Pro

The smart aperture with OIS optical anti-shake and three-axis stability system and the strong hardware support will make the OPPO R17 Pro one of the best smartphones in terms of photographing.

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