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OSOTEK H100 Pro HotWave Handheld Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Hot Water Mopping, Dual Self-Cleaning, Auto Refilling

OSOTEK H100 Pro HotWave Handheld Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner
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€389 €499
4-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

Whether you are dealing with dust particles or spilled milk on the floor, the versatile OSOTEK HotWave lets you wash, mop, dry, and vacuum using one powerful machine.

SuperThermal™ Technology

It can heat the water to 92 celsius (198 Fahrenheit) and keeps it at 60 celsius (140 Fahrenheit) while in contact with the floor. The hot water dissolves stains on the ground, all while improving the cleaning efficiency.

Real-time Self-cleaning Brush-roll

Integrated into the OSOTEK HotWave is a real-time self-cleaning brush roll that helps keep the machine clean after each use. It helps improve hygiene and saves your time and energy.

55 Celsius Self-drying

After the brush is washed with hot water during use and again in the base station, the station switches to drying mode automatically.

Smart Surface Sensor

Whether you have a wet, dry, or dusty surface, OSOTEK HotWave comes with a smart infrared sensor that can detect the type of dirtiness and adjust cleaning modes accordingly.

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