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Petree Fully Automatic Cats Litter Basin 2.0 Box, Self Cleaning Cat Toilet Smart Sandbox Closed Tray Pet Supplies

Petree Fully Automatic Cats Litter Basin 2.0 Box
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€308 €499

Automatic Cat Litter Box 2.0
Upgraded cat litter basin features high-precision gravity sensor, sensor exclusive protection structure, etc. quadruple protection. An intelligent algorithm on the product can clean up the feces and urine after the cat is finished using the toilet.

Safe and Easy to Use Design
It adopts a height difference opening design, and there is no gap with the ground when preventing rollover. Also, it can avoid suffocation hazards. Anti-bite line safety design is for preventing cats from biting wire.

Large Capacity
It covers an area of 0.25 square meters, while the internal volume of the ball compartment is 56L, which can accommodate cats up to 15 pounds.

App Control
Petree cat litter basin 2.0 supports device remote control and data recording, allowing you to easily control it anytime and anywhere.

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