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€155 with coupon for 14-in-1 Professional WiFi Weather Station Internet Wireless Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor Weather Forecast Temperature Air Pressure Humidity Wind Gauge Rain Gauge Moon Phrase Alarm Clock from BANGGOOD

The most complete Professional WiFi Weather Station I always dreamt of.

Professional WiFi Weather Station
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€155 €299

Features :

【14-IN-1 Professional Station】

The outdoor sensor consists of rain funnel, solar panel, UV and light sensor, wind vane and wind cups, level indicator, thermo-hygrometer radiation shield. 14-in-1 wireless weather station Measure the real-time weather of your home and backyard, measurable Indoor temperature and humidity | outdoor temperature and humidity | Barometric pressure | Dew point | UV index| Sun light | Wind speed | Wind direction | Weather forecas | Moon phase | Rainfall data.

WiFi Remote Monitoring & Warnings】

The display base station can be conveniently placed on a table in any room, at home, in a child’s room, basement, warehouse or greenhouse, etc. It’s compact and light. The weather station measures indoor temperature (° C / ° F) and humidity, outdoor temperature (° C / ° F) and humidity, wind direction and speed Phases of the moon. An alarm function with snooze function is also part of the range of functions.

Weather Forecast】

Stay connected, check your weather forecast and current conditions .The display-monitor can be conveniently placed on a table in any room, in a children’s room, basement, warehouse or greenhouse, etc, includeing data for wind, rain, indoor/outdoor temperature, humidity and more.

Clear colur Display】

Easily monitor the weather conditions in your home and garden.The data is easy to see from many different angles. Even if you look a little at the side, all the displays are still readable and allow you to look at all important functions and information. The information areas are separated and organised.

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