Redmi 7A Quietly Announced Via Weibo: Price Remains Unknown

On the afternoon of May 24, Redmi held a press conference on, officially launching the Redmi 7A.

Redmi 7A

The Redmi 7A uses an integrated design on the back. According to the official introduction, the black version uses a hand-painted spray process. Due to it, the grip feels smooth and delicate like a baby’s skin, while the quad-curved body provides a rounded feel.

Its screen size is 5.45 inches. It supports eye protection mode, effectively suppresses harmful blue light, and the eye protection mode level is increased to 255 steps, and the transition is smoother. Also, the sun screen function is provided, and the reading is still clear under the outdoor high light environment.

Redmi 7A

In the core configuration, the Redmi 7A is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 octa-core processor. The CPU clock speed is up to 2.0GHz, and the maximum storage support is 256GB via the card expansion. The battery capacity is 4000mAhm which supports 10W charging.

The Redmi 7A features a rear 13MP AI camera, which supports PDAF phase focus, AI beauty, full-screen camera and other functions. The front AI beauty camera supports AI background blur and AI face unlock.

In addition, the Redmi 7A has been optimized for the elders. It supports minimalist desktops, with extremely large color palettes for application icon visibility and simplified MIUI functionality.

Redmi 7A

There is also the radio that everyone loves. It can also be used for free streaming without plugging in headphones. It covers all frequencies of 87-108MHz and supports automatic scanning of radio stations. In addition, there are more convenient features such as Big Mac font, magnifying glass function, and large volume mode.

It is worth noting that the Redmi 7A has a “Family Guardian” function built into the “SOS Emergency Help” option.

It not only manages the installation and usage time of mobile apps but also limits your child’s access to bad websites. Alerts can be sent whenever you want to restrict your child’s use of the phone. In addition, this function also supports the location reminder for children/olds in and out of the area (such as school).

Redmi 7A

The official stressed that the Redmi 7A adopts the same test standard as the flagship machines and passed the ‘metamorphic’ reliability test. In the test of USB interface insertion and removal, the test amount is equivalent to 5.5 years of normal use.

The whole machine comes with a P2i nano protective coating treatment, which has a uniform water repellent film on the surface. When accidentally splashed by water, the surface of the phone can drip the water droplets like a lotus leaf.

As for the price, it will be announced on May 28. The official stressed that the Redmi 7A is still the ‘price-effective choice’.

Redmi 7A

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