Review of Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp

Before some days I bought from Coolicool the Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp. As a Xiaomi fan, really liked the idea of having the lamp, as I would use it at my medical cabinet. The very first thing that made me impression was the big white box. Yeah, the lamp is in a really tall to be exact, white box. Before we start reviewing the lamp, let us see the Specifications


Brand: XiaoMi
Power: 6W
Luminance: 300LM
CCT: 2700-6500K
Powered source: AC
Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
Features: APP Control,Dimmable
Optional Light Color: Cool White,Warm White,White
Suitable for: Home use,Office
Available color: White
Input: AC 100 – 240V, 50 / 60Hz, 0.2A
Color temperature range: 2700 – 6500K
Brightness range: 1 -100pct
Color rendering index: 83
Lifetime: 25000h
Wireless connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
App system: iOS 7.0 or above, Android 4.0 or above


As I have already said, the lamp comes inside a big, very beautiful, with a luxurious tone, white box. As dimensions, it is high, so take it under consideration when you buy it. The lamp comes with the usual Chinese socket, so if you are from Europe, you will have to get and an adapter. I myself I have the Xiaomi 3 Power Sockets with 3 USB Port, so I don’t need any adapters. The lamp has only one button at the base, in order to manually work with it.

xiaomi-lamp-01 xiaomi-lamp-02 xiaomi-lamp-03

As you can see and in the photos, at the base of the lamp is a knob, where if you press it, functions as on/off for the lamp, and if you rotate it, you control how bright it will be.


The lamp is very beautiful, made of very good quality. You could easily place it everywhere you like, how demanding it could be. The design of the lamp gives the sun the ability to pass easily.

Connection and Function

 The lamp works with 2 ways. One is manual, meaning using the knob you on/off the lamp and control brightness. The other one is through your wifi network! Yes, the lamp can use you WiFi network and control it literally from everywhere in the world! The lamp uses the 2.4GHz frequency, in order to communicate with the router. Now, in order to control the lamp through WiFi, you must first connect it either to Mi Smart Home or the Yeelight app.

Setting up

In order the lamp to work properly through WiFi, you must have installed both apps. After adding the Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp with Mi Smart Home, you will see it in the list of devices controlled through WiFi.


If you tap the lamp icon, you will enter in an environment like Yeelight. From there we can choose what to do with the lamp. The first button is for power on/off the lamp. The second is for choosing modes. Of course it has and some set, like Reading and PC Mode. According to what we have chosen, we can see that the brightness of the lamp changes. So for example PC Mode is a soft light in order not to trouble us when using PC screen. If you choose reading, the light becomes very bright, so to read with out any problem. The variations of the brightness and many more you can see them in the end of the article.

If you press the scene button, you will found out that has already some fixed scenes, but you can make and yours. Also through mode Pomodoro, you can set for how long you will work and when to make a brake, which is very good if you forget to rest in your office or home when reading or working a lot!

xiaomi-lamp-05 xiaomi-lamp-06 xiaomi-lamp-07


If you press the 3 dots on the upper right corner of the screen, you will see a second menu. This menu includes Settings / Kids Mode / Schedules / Smart Scenes.


By pressing on Settings, we enter a general menu with New Group, , Feedback, FAQ, Shared devices, Check for firmware update.

xiaomi-lamp-10 xiaomi-lamp-11

Kids Mode

Through this menu we can activate Kid’s Mode which reduces the exposure of blue light which is harmful for kids.



From here you can set when the lamp will work by it self or not. This is very good, as you can program when to be lit. Also in case of travel, you can show by this way that someone is inside and the burgles wont be able to get in and rip you off!



The same as schedule, you can do and here



As I have said above, the Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp can be controled and from Yeelight app. This certain app controls all Yellight lamps (like Yeelight 16 Million RGB Color Indoor Night Light Bed). You have exactly the same control as Mi Smart Home.

xiaomi-lamp-12 xiaomi-lamp-13 xiaomi-lamp-14


Mi Smart LED Desk Lamp is a really very good lamp. Simple but so sophisticated, with various modes according the situation, control through your wifi network. I would really recommend it. You can get it from here.

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