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€233 with coupon for Shunzao Z15 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 30KPa Powerful Suction 210AW Brushless Motor 60 Minute Run Time Anti-winding Floor Brush Cutting Off Hair LED Display from EU warehouse GEEKBUYING

Shunzao Z15 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Shunzao Z15 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
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€233 €399
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High-efficiency Brushless Motor

The brushless motor is made of advanced composite material, so its overall performance is improved by 80% with stronger suction.

Industry-leading Noise Reduction

Shunzao Technical Team has determined an appropriate ratio of moving impellers to fixed impellers upon repeated tests, which can ensure better vibration absorption and noise reduction effect.

210AW Suction Power

High suction power is a symbol of vacuum cleaner technology level. Following the principle of “keeping improving” on all aspects, the suction power of Shunzao “Super Efficient” brushless motor can reach 210AW, which is excellent in the industry.

Two-stage Synergistic Multi-cone Layout

Thanks to creative two-stage synergistic multi-cone layout, more cones can be accommodated, which can further improve the dust-gas separation effect, so that the suction loss could comply with the EU standards.

Anti-winding Floor Brush

Second generation of Shunzao electric anti-winding floor brush features reduced overall volume and compact structure, which can solve the winding hair problem.

Five-Layer Filtration System

Shunzao Z15 has a 5-level filtering system that can filter out 99.97% 0.3μm fine dust and ensure clean outlet air.

60 Minute Working Time

7 pieces of 3000mAh cell that can ensure effective suction under “Long-endurance” gear. Detachable design is adopted, so that power can be recovered by replacing the battery at any time.

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