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Just released this year The innovative Smartmi A1: World’s Cleanest Robot with Wet Dry Vac Vacuums&Wash at SameTime, Auto Mop Self-Cleans While Mopping, Air Drying, Smart Mapping, Alexa&MiHome

Smartmi Pioneer A1 Floor Scrubbing Robot Vacuum Cleaner
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€498 €799


SMARTMI Pioneer A1 Floor Scrubbing Robot, A robot that washes the floor, Super Rotary Scrubber black technology, Quick brush,4000pa.

Smartmi Super Rotary Scrubber black technology.
Quick brush,1600 washes per minute.
Waterproof fan hurricane suction, Dry and wet garbage, suck it to the end.
Precise water control,Water sprays every second.
Wet and dry garbage, big and small;Stubborn and sticky,leave no trace.
Extra long composite roller brush,Scrubbing, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, all in one step.
Dry and wet sweeping,Rest assured, clean and no restricted areas.

Product name: Smartmi scrubber robot
Product net weight: 6.5kg
Product size: 335×344×128mm
Robot rated power: 75W
Battery capacity: 5200mAh
Charging stand size: 407×307×205mm
Charging stand rated power: 28.5W

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