Survey Shows Moto RAZR is Good But Overpriced

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Yesterday, GSMArena published the latest findings of the Moto RAZR smartphone. The Motorola RAZR is also the world’s first mass-produced folding screen smartphone. Most of the respondents think that this phone has a good design, but the configuration and price do not match.


The folding screen Motorola RAZR smartphone is powered by the Snapdragon 710 processor and comes with a 6GB + 128GB storage combination. Its 6.2-inch screen has a resolution of 2142×876 and an aspect ratio of 21:9.  In an article, we represented this new smartphone and its features. At that time, we said that when it is unfolded, the Moto RAZR is only 72x172x6.9mm. When folded, its dimensions reach only 72x84x14mm. So you can do everything with one hand and fold it, putting into the pocket of skinny jeans. To ensure that the organic material covered by the screen does not have visible creases, the Moto RAZR offers a new floating hinge structure that stretches the flexible outer cover material to further counteract the crease problem.

The GSMArena survey showed that 17% of respondents are going to buy this phone. The majority of them, more than 59%, think the design of the Moto RAZR folding screen smartphone is quite good. But for its features and hardware, 1500$ is too high.

In addition, 23% of respondents dislike this product. The 6% mentioned that this new phone has a no larger screen, which makes no sense. 17% of respondents indicated that this product is still not mature, and the price is also relatively high.

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