TenFifteen A10 Smartwatch Phone Review

There are more brands specializing in producing its own smartwatch such as Motorola, LG, Samsung, and Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu,etc as Chinese smartphone manufacturers are also intended to release its first smartwatch. These kind of brands will produce its smartwatch at the relatively high price, but we will introduce this TenFifteen A10 smartwatch which is a practical and affordable one for most users.

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In TenFifteen A10 box, we can see a simple and stylish design. There are a watch with battery built in, a USB cable, English User manual in the watch box.  It will be charged in a USB cable, instead of a charger. It has rubber jacket to protect it from water. In its design, it has  1.22 inch circular 240×240 resolution circular display with  a complete 360 design. There is a 0.3MP camera on the top, a SIM slot with SD slot on the back.



TenFifteen A10 is powered by the latest Mediatek MT6261 chipset, coming with RAM 32MB and 64MB ROM, it can be also expanded by SD card to 32GB. It’s compatible with Android OS,and connect with other android devices by Bluetooth 3.0 through the control app in Google play store. You can connect this smart watch with your phone below 30 seconds, of course it’s able to be considered as a stylish watch without connecting a phone. When we touch it, it runs so smoothly and fluently. Of course, when we pair it with our phone, we can monitor our sleep state, Pedometer, Sedentary reminder, etc.


Due to notifications synced  with the phone, we can also not miss any important message about facebook, twitter, what’s app, SMS app, etc. Meanwhile, we can use it to become an alarm and phone tracker for our life. So it will be our good helper.  And it supports 0.3MP camera, so that we can take pictures freely by the watch’s camera, or remote control phone, and record every wonderful moment with any angle.


What’s more, it can support GSM 2G SIM card to make phone call, and 2G Band 850/900/1800/1900MHz, you can make fully use of this function when your phone is not in your hands. Of course, it’s not very convenient to type message in this small display of the watch. So it’s better to use this smartwatch paired with your phone.


As for battery of TenFifteen A10 smartwatch, it has 280mAh which can support up to 72 hours power life. So we need to charge it daily by USB cable. But it’s very easy to charge.



TenFifteen A10 smartwatch can be treated as one of the best smartwatch phone in view of its design, price and basic functions we need. We may not satisfy the battery, but it’s common for most smartwatch right now. And we can charge it well before we go out. It starts to sell at $23.11 now. Prepare it as your gift.

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