The Higher The Resolution of The Mobile Camera, The Better?

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The smartphone cameras and their resolution have been always in the spotlight. But this is quite logical because it’s the most demanded feature when buying a new handset. But there is confusion. It’s better to say there is a misunderstanding and lack of knowledge that is successfully used by marketers.  Many think the higher the pixel of the phone camera, the better. In fact, the truth is very cruel – you may not be able to take good photos with even a 100MP camera.

First of all, we should figure out one thing – what is the pixel?

All the images we see are actually composed of ‘color dots’. And each individual color point is what we often call ‘pixels’. A picture consists of 1 million color points, and the pixel of the picture is 1 million.

The pixel of the phone we touched refers to a single electronic component that senses light and images it on the phone sensor. For example, a camera with 10 million sensors is a 10-megapixel camera; a camera with 64 million sensors is a 64MP camera.

The higher the pixel count, the larger the size of the photo, and the more time it takes to process. In addition, the size of the pixels is not fixed. And its order of arrangement is not unique. This refers to the general RGB sub-pixel arrangement, RGBW technology arrangement, Pentile arrangement, etc. They can also improve the resolution and camera experience of the picture. But more importantly, it depends on the size of the photosensitive element.

In theory, the larger the Pixel Size, the better the imaging.

The quality of the image depends on the number of photons captured by the photosensitive element. The larger the photon captured by the photosensitive element, the better the photographic performance. Therefore, the focus is not only on high pixels but also on the bottom.

As we can see in the figure above, the larger the Pixel Size, the better the noise and dynamic range of the image. For example, Apple has been using 8MP low pixels. The main reason for this is to maintain a large Pixel Size.

In addition to these two, there are various adjustments made by smartphone manufacturers on their products. Therefore, some people say that Apple’s profits are higher than domestic mobile phones. This is the reason. After all, the iPhone has a strong dependence on software optimization, thus weakening the cost of hardware.

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