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TOKIT Omni Cook Automatic Cooking Robot is your kitchen assistant, your best friend: the most complete all-in-one kitchen appliance that prepares your meals efficiently, faster, and more exciting than ever!

TOKIT Omni Cook Automatic Cooking Robot
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€1199 €1599


21 Functions in One
Features 21 functions and more than 11 operation modes, this multifunctional cooking machine can be your best kitchen assistant, and help you prepare meals efficiently, faster, and more delicious.
Fast and Accurate
With a 500W high-power reluctance variable-speed motor, it drives the 4-blade high-strength cutter head to extremely speed up the cooking process. It can whip cream in 60 seconds, grind the cereal in 90 seconds, and knead the dough well in 15 minutes.
Lampblack Free, Easy to Clean
Designed with pre-clean mode, it’s very convenient for you to clean the machine by just putting in some water and a few drops of concentrated lemonade. The 35 – 180 celsius wide area temperature control also eliminates the production of lampblack.
Intelligence Cooking Guide
The smart cooking assistant has an exclusive recipe site that consists of thousands of worldwide delicacies. You can collect your favorite recipes and synchronize them with the machines. Leaving comments on the recipes, reviews and updates is supported.
Large Capacity
2.2L pot with a wide mouth can fully meet the cooking needs of a family of 4. Food contact grade of 304 stainless steel material provides you with safe and reliable cooking.

TOKIT Omni Cook 1700W 2.2L Automatic Cooking Robot, Household Smart Chief Machine, 21 Functions, Lampblack Free, Cloud Recipes - EU Plug
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