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Ultenic K20 2850W Dual Basket Air Fryer, 8L Capacity, Dual Independent Cooking Zone, 100 Online Recipes, Digital Display with 6 Presets, Dishwasher-Safe

Ultenic K20 2850W Dual Basket Air Fryer
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8L Large Capacity
Ultenic K20 dual-zone air fryer has a total capacity of 8L, which greatly improves cooking efficiency, making it easy and quick to enjoy a meal even with family or friends. Each space can independently set the temperature and time or cooking mode and can cook two different foods at the same time.

6-in-1 Multifunction Modes
This air fryer can be used for air frying, air broiling, roasting, baking, pre-heating, and dehydrating.

Over 100 Online Recipes
You can download the official Ultenic App and explore more deliciousness. It’s topped with over 100 gourmet recipes for the air fryer.

Healthier and More Energy-efficient
Cook your food faster and save 80% less energy than an oven, reduce your food’s oil content by up to 95% and preserve more nutrients in your food.

Sync Finish Function
With the K20 sync finish function, the two separate baskets of the air fryer will finish cooking at the same time, so you can enjoy two dishes at the same time without having to eat the cold one.

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